What I like Best About Heart of Vegas Pokies

What I like best about playing Aristocrat pokies through HoV is the fact it allows me to… play …my …….favourite Aristocrat Pokies. Hmmm I really didn’t think that sentence through. Oh yeah I hadn’t finished it!…. where was I?! I love that I can not only play aristocrat pokies but also the fact I can do so on my desktop computer or more importantly on my tablet, smartphone and any mobile device I can find – which in my case is 3 iPads and an iPhone I never remember buying.

Oh and 2 Android powered Samsung phones and a Nintendo Game & Watch – mind you I still can’t seem to get WiFi on that… but I digress.

I like that I can experience all the same visual cues and sounds that I have come to know and love (and loathe) from playing these same games at my local club and pub.

But most of all I love the fact that I can play these online pokies and award winning slot games without it costing me a cent of my own hard earned money.