The Five Best Online Casino Tips That Matter In Just Minutes

Gambling in general is defined as the risk taken to improve ones own situation through means of personal gain. Over the ages people would bargain, trade and even gamble as a means to better their own lives.

This would often include spices, fine materials, gold, animals and even ships. Today the game is different, but the end goal is pretty much the same, only the most important part of that game these days, is now money.

The Online Gaming Industry Is Worth Millions To The Winners

This page will mainly concern players looking for online casino tips and for players who spin betting shop roulette machines. Whilst both of these gambling pass times differ significantly, both can teach us valuable lessons respectively. Now read the next line very carefully, the online gaming industry is worth millions to the winners. Its a true statement, but how long do we remain winners for.

Modern players can’t cheat the dealers or rip or saloons like in the old days! Today’s players must be smarter and most importantly, realistic.

Whilst cowboys could throw cards to the floor or pull a gun when things went sideways, there is no room in modern gambling for such drama. It’s about using online casinos for multiple deposit bonuses and real money offers, its about learning how to bankroll your cash effectively, it’s about responsible gaming techniques and knowing when to leave the game at the right time.

The best online casino tips these days are the realistic ones, if there are many fools playing today, you must not be one of them!

Whether you play blackjack, live casino tables, mobile roulette on your phone or even fruit machines down the betting shop. The following casino tips will give you the edge over other players if followed to the letter.

Roulette Machines

If you’re wondering why we feature betting shop simulators of casinos most famous game quite heavily within our pages, there’s a reason for it. Not only can fixed odds betting terminals be one of the most addictive gambling concepts known to man (apparently), they’re also one of the best facilities to help train a more disciplined and strategically minded player.

Walk away from a roulette machine and you can walk away from anything. By walking away of course we don’t mean crying with your wallet nothing more than a leather paper weight, we mean with more money than you came in with. If you haven’t read covertcasinos ultimate guide for playing betting roulette machines which includes everything from how to play, how roulette simulators work and even why fobt’s can lead to problem gambling, Then we strongly suggest you do that now before you ever touch one again.


No online casino tips list would be complete without the words bank rolling, and good reason for it too. Walk into your local pub and ask the guy sweating on the fruit machine how much they’ve spent today, they’ll know what they’ve won but will not be able to answer your question. Straight away the player is behind when they fail to track their own chip stack, credit count  or real money balance.

The bankroll allows the player to monitor their outgoings in comparison to incoming (winnings) which then allows them to assess their situation as it progresses, often giving them time to quit whilst they’re ahead, or leave before it’s too late. Whilst our tips for learning how to bankroll article is based around playing fruit machines and fobt roulette, it can be applied to anything that involves money and gambling in the same sentence. If you’re ever going to gamble your hard earned money, then make sure your bankrolling at the same time.

Responsible Gaming

You might not think this one’s very important, but try thinking that when your cars on its way back to the dealers for missing payments. It’s true, the difference between problem gambling and responsible gaming is the players allowance to let desperation into the game. Our responsible gaming tips for casino players will stand you on the right side of the gambling paradox.


This one is the bridge between both responsible gaming and bank rolling. Members of team covertcasino. co. uk who use real money to test the latest online roulette simulators, video slots or progressive jackpot games stick to specific time windows. Now this is regardless of winning or losing, discipline goes much deeper than that rule.

If you’re going to sit yourself down on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to play casino for 30 minutes a time, then this is what you do. Make your own time limits and practice how you respond to leaving the table or roulette machine once your time expires. This is how the best players in the world develop discipline for their gambling routines, it’s one of the best online casino tips too.

Percentage Pay Out

We’re not talking about the 96. 8% payout rate that betfreds roulette machines pay or the 89% flop average win ratio laid down for online blackjack decks, we’re talking about you. That’s right your very own percentage pay out rate which dictates when a player should leave the game. We’ve already talked about discipline, responsible gaming and that very important bank rolling term, but this ones fundamental to your escape plan.

In our example, lets talk about using a 20% pay out percentage for your game plan. This means that if you’ve allowed yourself 20 minutes (no more) to play your favourite slot machine game on the internet, if at any one point during that 20 minutes your total credit becomes 20% more, then should end your current session. In other words, play casino with a £100 balance and at any point during the time window your balance says £120, it’s time to walk away winning. We’ve written a great article entitled the best way to play a roulette machine which explains this in far more detail.

Putting it all into practice!

It’s not just the odd tips here and there that team covertcasino specialise in, there’s something far more important that we do here. Whilst the ultimate mission is to encourage responsible gaming through discipline whilst ensuring profitability alongside playability, we secure some of the best online casino deals on the planet for our readers. Every site here has been under the knife and pulled apart to meet our criteria for a superb and safe gaming destination.

If you want to put all of this into practice, if you want to see how disciplined you really are or whether or not you can leave a certain roulette simulator with more money than you started with, or whether you can leave a game at the right time, then choose one of covertcasinos top player destinations to do it. All of the casinos here will offer free play, no deposit bonuses and valuable match deals for real money players. We wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy playing under a new set of rules, the covert code.

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Bookies roulette and betting shop roulette machines

At covert casino we absolutely love hitting betting shop roulette machines. The reason is that bookies roulette games can be great practice for patience, strategy and control.

Plus, if you like playing roulette machines in the bookies, you can practice playing online roulette simulators for free.

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Bankroll management and making money

Some people who make money whilst gambling do so with a bankroll, bankrolling is a term coined for helping players control how they play with their money.

If you can learn to play online casino within strict percentage margins, then it can really help with your results.

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Developing casino discipline and personality as a player

More often than not, when you’ve had a big losing streak at the casino, there is always  a personal mistake.

A players behaviour, discipline and judgement can have great impact on your casino experience. Here we’ve found the best information that can help develop a calm, collective and cool gambling style.

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How people win on fruit machines and bandits

Online slots and pub fruit machines are very popular for players, hence the reason why we’ve done some research into the subject.

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Experiments and online casino tricks that you can try

Whether it’s trying something different against online roulette, betting patterns or learning how to handle loss.

This section contains information for players who want more power in their online casino.