The Avengers Slot

Covertcasino Whilst we’re big fans of the Marvel based superhero slots at Covertcasino, what could beat the one which puts them all together. We investigate one of the casino industries biggest games, the Avengers slot. This review contains access to the best casinos that feature this game.

«The marvel heroes assemble with 20 pay lines, super expanding wilds and four different free games bonuses in the most powerful slot to date»

Featured Casino Bonus

The casino at Betfred. com is a top rated venue to play marvel slots. Play the Avengers slot for real money at Betfred and get up to £500 in bonuses. The site features access to the marvel super progressive jackpot network.

The Avengers Slot Introduction

Playtech long awaited powerhouse is here, and now Marvels greatest heroes have assembled for the ultimate casino slots showdown. The Avengers slot is a five reel 20 pay line fruit machine that is considered cutting edge for the adult gaming market. We went spinning the game to see if you can mix muscle with money. After all the hype, it’s no surprise that most uk casino sites are lapping this one up already, and why not.


Playing from as little as 20 pence per spin the game spans the entire player spectrum, with £500 per spin topping out for high rollers and everywhere in the middle open to betting values. Graphically the game well deserving of its cutting-edge status. Explosive sound effects add value to an energetic spinning session, what’s more, is the special introductions to each character that, to say the least, is very cool indeed.

«20p to £500 per spin makes Avengers available to a complete diversity of real money casino players»


The Avengers slot features Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Hawkeye amongst other symbols such as the shield logo and the stunning black widow. What happens next is the spinning, and a superb game that follows for any fruit machine fan. The slot has five bonus features in total that we’ll explain a little more in detail. After all, this is when you’ll be getting paid.

Avengers Slot Features

The first feature that players might come across is the avengers assemble on reels feature. If Nick Fury, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk symbols appear across any pay line consecutively (and not in order). You’ll get awarded a cash prize of 200 times your line bet. So winning 10 x your stake when it happens, not bad for starters.

«Each of the marvel heroes can present winning opportunities and bonus games, but watch out for Loki who can destroy those features»

The wall of hero’s bonus feature kicks in after getting three Avenger logo symbols positioned anywhere on the reels. Then faced by a wall of 20 Avenger’s icons to choose from, You then pick from these icons until 3 of the same character’s revealed. But take care to avoid nemesis Loki who will end the feature for you. You can also trigger the four free spins rounds via the wall of hero’s bonus round too. These four rounds are character based.

Wall of Heroes and 4 Top Bonus Games

Hulk Free Games

Trigger the Hulk Free Games Round and this comes with nine free spins with the 3rd and center reels go completely wild as the Incredible Hulk takes over it. Like all things Hulk its big, and your chances of winning get bigger too. This one’s all about smash, grab and spin.

Captain America Free Games

Captain America also has his free games round and again nine free spins come with it. But before each credit is used it gets multiplied. This multiplier ranges from 2x to 5x climbing up respectively. This part of the Avenger’s fruit machine is simply awesome for bulking the bank with multiplied prize money.

«Playing Avengers puts cash players on a potential collision course with marvels multi-level mystery progressive jackpot worth millions»

Iron Man Free Games

Iron Man’s multiplier is also impressive and like the other rounds awards 9 x free spins. In it, one of Tony Starks creation hovers across the slot machine with a multiplier kicking in after every third spin. Also be sure to look out for the reactor symbol in the middle of reel three, this acts as an extra wild and could be worth more cash.

Thor Free Games

The God of Thunder does things in style, and there’s no exception here, possibly our favourite Marvel contender at Covertcasino. co. uk, Thor’s bonus round kicks serious butt. Whilst the nine free spins are getting quite common now, the nine here are most valuable. Start spinning, and you’ll soon notice Thor charging bolts of lightning with his hammer during each spin of the reels. These bolts of lightning can change up to five random symbols into random extra wilds, and this is where those big wins will come into play.

Wilds and Random Wilds

Five wilds and five random wilds could win you back up to seven thousand times your stake. Once you’ve completed any one of the hero’s free game rounds, you’ll be taken back to the wall of heroes and perhaps you’ll play again with a different character. However, do not forget about mystical bad ass Loki, who’s also on the wall, find him, and it’s game over for this particular visit to the hero’s wall.


We don’t come across too many slot machines and video slots that win the crowd from the word go. Avengers have done that, and it’s no surprise following the success of Hollywood’s portrayal of Marvels most powerful why it happened. This game is well paced, explosive and graphically seductive. The bonus rounds are impressive and go deeper than most we’ve ever encountered. If you love comic book heroes and the whole thing about getting super, then you’re going to love Playtech’s Avengers. 9/10. You might also want to check out the Incredible Hulk game or the Iron Man slot to see how these heroes perform on their own.

Best Online Casinos to Play Avengers Slot Some of our top rated casinos to play the Avengers online slot and other marvel slots include City Club Casino, Betfair. com, Winner Casino, Betfred and Betvictor. They are popular brands selected for their free demo games, jackpot totals and real money bonuses that make membership more than worthwhile.