Piggies and the Wolf Slot

Playtech have gone back to bedtime stories with its latest online slot proposal which sees the gaming giant take on the big bad wolf with the help of three little pigs. Boasting some 50 pay lines and fully equipped with bonus games galore, Playtech’s rendition of this classic fable is brought to life in style for the much needy casino industry.

«Slots developers Playtech take on the three little pigs story with a 50 pay line fairytale that includes a blow the house down bonus»

Featured Casino Bonus

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Piggies and the Wolf Introduction

From its cleverly crafted introduction video to the dynamic graphics laid upon each symbol, it’s clear this slot’s built for the long haul. As if the gaming world just received a classic in the making. Ladies, Gents, this is how you build a video slot!


So what’s it like to play Piggies and the Wolf, how does the game look, how does it feel, who’s side are we on, the pigs or the wolf. Do we even care, is it a case of just asking the wolf whether he prefers brown or red sauce on his bacon sandwiches. Regardless of whether or not the house gets blown down in the end, there’s a reason that online casinos all over the place are going after this Playtech powered pig fest.

Graphics and Symbols

Graphics wise our kids story turned adult casino concept is stunning. Watch the slots introduction and you’ll see why, plus it gives a pretty good insight into the games background. On the reels we’ve got the three little piggies (quite strange looking, think one is on drugs), the standard card value symbols that visually look nicely decorated and a bonus planet. More valuable symbols include the wolf himself who represents the slots wild aspect and the «Piggies and the Wolf slot logo» which plays the scatter component.

«The game looks stunning and features Playtech’s most impressive visual illustrations to date»

Piggies and the Wolf Features

Start spinning and it doesn’t take long for the fairy tale to begin. With the slots reportedly popular 96% plus payout rate it shouldn’t take all day to witness one of the games various winning opportunities and bonus rounds (features). Possible events for winners include landing the wolf (wild) in each row on reel five to start the huff and puff shuffle feature. Picture a wolf riding a motorbike beneath the reels whilst blowing symbols and turning them into further winning combinations, and you get the idea.

Free spins are also on the menu, as is pork sausage when you see the wolf chasing the pigs that can lead to unlimited free turning of the reels (nice). The blow the house down bonus is the games flagship feature (separate spin-off round) that requires blowing down houses for money, make it to the brick house, and you could be Quid’s in. Piggies and the Wolf carries a potential top jackpot of £250, 000.


So did we like it, of course, we did. It’s a much-needed breath of fresh air for the casino industry after countless superhero slots and gimmicks that were just rolled out to keep up with Hollywood. It’s a big hitter, whilst not progressive; it still carries some decent prize power in its pocket. Playtech have built a charming, funny and warm hearted spin-off which adds winning real money to the bedtime storybook classic. We’re giving piggies and the wolf slot a big porky thumbs up in team Covertcasino’s discussion room. Never before have you wanted those houses blown down so badly. It is no wolf in sheep’s clothing, just a pretty decent online slots game.

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