ZYNGA ? Social Games Powerhouse

ZYNGA ? Social Games Powerhouse

Socialize with your friends in the virtual world while playing online games in Zynga. Zynga is aflutter with a host of games, from harvesting plants, running your own farm and playing Mafia lord to playing poker. Zynga has one for everyone. Zynga unleashes the power of social gaming and makes a significant impact. They have become the world’s largest social game developer with more than 225 million monthly active users playing their games, which include Farm Ville, Frontier Ville, Mafia Wars, Zynga Poker, Café World, Treasure Isle, Yo Ville, Fish Ville and Pet Ville and more. The list just doesn’t end! These social games provide a competitive, fun and contagious experience. Become a farmer, a don or have your own restaurant. Live your dreams through Zynga.

Want to play games on your mobile devices? Zynga is reinventing the way people are social on their mobiles. Zynga’s specialty is adding a social element to casual online games that are also available on My Space, the iPad and the iPhone. Zynga’s Farm ville alone has more than 80 million users.

Rest assured that Zynga has something for everyone: casino games, word games, board games, role playing games and party games. Zynga games are fun and easy to play, and since you play while logged onto your social networking site you can enjoy them with all your friends. Play Zynga games, interact with friends and express your real self while you play.

Zynga has been growing out of control lately, boosted by the crazy number of subscribers to its Facebook games and the amount of money it pulls down using its “freemium” model. The “freemium” model allows players to purchase in-game items and currency if they choose.

Zynga is supported in two manners: via direct credit card payments and through partner businesses. Gamers can pay for credits via PayPal, PlaySpan or Facebook’s prepaid cards.

So make sure you keep Zynga.com in mind if you’re looking to play games and socialize at the same time. Zynga is an online community that aims to connect the world through social games.


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