Xtreme Traffic Money

Xtreme Traffic Money
Who the hell am i to be telling you this?

After all the monotonous trash that the so-called “gurus” have peddled your way, you should be cynical by now. Its the only sensible thing to be.

So what makes me qualified to be writing here, telling you about making money online?

You might be surprised to hear that up until a few years ago,I didnt even know how to connect my PC to a printer.

Id never even bought anything online never mind making money online. I didnt trust the net and I saw no reason to go anywhere near it.
In fact I HATED computers- absolutely loathed them.

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Xtreme Traffic Money

Listen , I’m just your average joe…
Just under two years ago I lost my job in the recession.

The company I worked for trashed all over me. They showed me no loyalty at all. I found myself struggling to pay off the mortgage, credit card bills, utility bills…well, the list goes on.

Every two weeks I’d walk the three mile route to the job center where I signed on to collect my $ 100 check.

There just werent any jobs out there for me. I was demoralized. I was frustrated. I was depressed.

I spoke to a friend about the situation and he asked me whether Id considered making money online.

Well considering at the time I didnt even know how to connect a printer to a computer, I actually laughed at my friends suggestion.

But, about 12 weeks later….with 6 more visits to the job center under my belt, I decided to look into it.

The first thing I did was search make money online on Google. I was just blown away by the sheer volume of information out there.

Maybe it takes me longer than most to understand the info out there. But, for the first few months, I put on my thinking cap, and I tried it all.
Google adwords, linkbuildring, article marketing,mlm,twitter,facebook,bloggibg,ezine ads,free ads,ebay… you name it… i tried it…

I sat there, scratching my head, reading the e-books and wondering where I was going wrong.

Because you know what? The only thing that these options only had in common for me was this: no matter what I did when I started out, I failed.

I used every single one of these techniques and the end result was just a trickle of traffic.

I cant explain just how crushing that felt.

But, I persisted. I didnt have much choice. I just had to make this work somehow.

After spending thousands of soul-destroying hours, and wasting more of my savings than I care to remember, I finally began to uncover the truth behind getting traffic online.

It had nothing to do with the usual hard work and time-sucking methods those gurus shove down your throat.

In fact, its something else entirely…
and, since that moment of discovery, I’ve never looked back…

Youd be shocked to know that even to this day I hate using computers. With a passion. The less time I can spend online the better.

But when I do have to spend time logged onto the net, I make that time count.

To give you an idea of how much Ive earned from ClickBank alone, since I figured out the importance of traffic, take a look at this.

And heres a snapshot of my personal bank accounts (in English currency ‘s) right now.

Listen, Im not showing you these figures to boast or show off.

Im showing you this so you can trust me when I say there is no better money-making opportunity out there than affiliate marketing. So that you can be confident that I know what Im talking about.

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