Who Will Become The Breakout Of The Market On A Dark Horse? – Procter & Gamble, The Date –

Who Will Become The Breakout Of The Market On A Dark Horse? – Procter & Gamble, The Date –
8th of this month, P & G announced that its global price increases, although they later stated intention of its China market, no price increases planned, but not difficult to find as early as price increases in the P & G announced before the market had already some Procter & Gamble Product quietly raise prices.

With P & G’s price increases, the market takes on three different voices, one P & G’s up, I followed up; second is determined not withstand pressure up; third, holding off, as the case may be. Which in the end view of the enterprise who can stand to the last, serious matters for the company thought would single-mindedness or will change horses in midstream, this year’s Day of the market will not blaze a dark horse? Even blaze black horse that it has Which only? the writer’s own understanding of the analysis, not be professional enough to provide power when the number of reference for the industry. P & G price rises is not simply

First, P & G price rises is not simply, or that it is not simply raise prices, ostensibly because of rising raw material, to ease the pressure on P & G price rises have, in fact this is one of the reasons, but in addition to the other what? P & G price rises but higher costs squeezed its profit margins, price increase is the development needs rather than the need to survive.

Of the market in Japan in recent years, Unilever has triumph of momentum, although the date of P & G is the oldest profession, but its sales growth rate is much smaller than Unilever, based in Japan and in recent years local enterprises gradually rise, pull Fang, Di color and so occupied the party market, which P & G is undoubtedly a threat. So, it begins to do one thing, that is strategic contraction, last month, Procter & Gamble Company and U.S. food companies reached an agreement containing the U.S. home, P & G’s Folgers coffee business will be worth about 2.95 billion U.S. dollars through a stock swap into Sheng U.S. House. Not difficult to see the focus of P & G will focus on beauty and health care products grow faster, higher-margin business, gradually withdraw from the food industry. Should we not think P & G price rises is not nobody better than in 2008, a move it save energy?

Look at P & G’s price increase strategies, the first is the rate of price increase is 2% -16%, and it will adjust the prices of the magnitude observed timely response from the market, but also in the Chinese market, cost pressures from P & G’s largest washing powder, laundry soap began the final full line of products affected. But consumer groups large Rejoice, Head & Shoulders shampoo, P & G seems to be no price increases in the near future intention, it seems P & G shampoo market is also not dare to take risk. Active prices strengths

View on the current situation, P & G price rises or even the existence of absolute advantage, first of all with the brand loyalty, even if P & G still has a lot of consumer prices, the author is a friend of Miss Zhu, She said Tide laundry detergent though up a bit, but has been used used to it, as long as the prices rise too far off the mark will continue using it. Secondly, Rejoice, Head & Shoulders no price increase makes a large proportion of P & G retained the shampoo market, as long as there is leeway to retain; Third, P & G’s price increases have forced costs up despite the frustration, but in fact actively the main point, which makes its price rise to policy formulation in detail, various market reaction is expected.

Unilever’s secret detergent, Lux shampoo and toothpaste and other products have price increases this month on the 21st, and its subsidiary Chhnang due to H & price pressures remain unchanged, which in some kind of degree that Unilever incident in prices more passive.

La Fong: Only by adhering to the last laugh

P & G price rises to qualify after the date of the enterprise market, the industry generally optimistic LAF, LAF Group, a national brand as more vulnerable consumers, and the trend in prices has vowed not raising their prices of local brands are often can easily win the hearts of consumers impetuous. However, not one-sided optimism, the market P & G’s Rejoice shampoo and Head & Shoulders competitors still no action, no action Chhnang equally dandruff shampoo market position in important. In addition, the LAF also have to face the pressure of rising costs, it can be said is striking from both sides, as to whether to break out depends on whether the pull-Fang to the end. If the troops pull together a large aromatic follow up, that it in this war there would be no opportunity to break through, and only persist in the end have the potential to significantly increase the market. Of course, La Fong also with the characteristics of national brand led the trend in the foreign capital to get some benefits.

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