Where Roses Grow Wild

Where Roses Grow Wild

The rose is one of the most beautiful and most widely planted flowers in many peoples’ gardens, but the rose is also one of the most demanding flowers as far as maintenance is concerned. Many roses that are planted need to be constantly cared by spraying for bugs, trimming down surrounding weeds, and fertilizing are all popular practices for rose growers to help their rose bushes grow more full and more beautiful.

However, there is a way to get the beauty of the rose without having to deal with the hassle of taking great care of it, and that is by planting a wild rose. This article is going to look at where roses grow wild and how to care for roses.

The first thing to consider when planting a wild rose is where to plant it. It is important to know the places where roses grow wild so the rose is planted in a place where the conditions are favorable for the rose. However, because the wild rose is so resilient there not really any rules for where roses grow wild best except for planting them where they will not be mowed over. Therefore, the best place for this would be at the back of a meadow lot or put against a fence or a house. Anywhere that the mower will not get to the bush would be a good spot to plant the wild rose.

Man-made, hybrid roses require a lot more work, and thus learning how to care for roses is a little more difficult. Whereas, wild roses are such a low maintenance plant, therefore it is very easy to learn how to care for roses. Wild roses, which are much like a small tree, are very hearty plants. During the winter, wild roses will shed their flowers and leaves and just remain bare, and as long as the dead branches are cut off at the end of winter, they will bloom again come the spring. They will bloom a little, if you don’t trim them, but there is no harm in helping them a little so they flourish.

To conclude, being able to attain the beauty of a rose without all of the work is finally attainable with planting a wild rose. Wild roses are more resilient and less susceptible to weeds and bugs than regular roses that are bought at a nursery. For all of these reasons, a wild rose would be a wonderful addition to any meadow or garden and be enjoyed with a minimal amount of work. So if you are going to do this, get with your local garden center and see if you can order some hardy wild roses. Good luck !

By: Lee R. Martin

Author: Lee R. Martin is a gardener and author.

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