What Is Online Marketing?

What Is Online Marketing?

Put simply, marketing is all about finding a need and filling it.

For example, someone goes into a hardware store to buy a drill bit. Do they really want a drill bit? No. They want a hole. Approaching the person from this perspective will help you to best fulfil their needs and thereby make a sale.

Marketing is about connecting with customers. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. Marketing is knowing what to build and for whom, the rest is easy. Marketing is powerful when it sells a product to someone who discovers more joy or more productivity because he bought it.

Distinguish yourself or your business. What is unique about what you are offering? What are you bringing to the marketplace? Why should someone listen to or buy from you?

Online marketing is marketing that utilizes the resources of the internet to find and fulfil the needs of people surfing the net. Examples of tools used in marketing online are:

Social networking

One of the tasks of your marketing is to devise ways that your messages can be the one that is there when a prospect decides to finally “scratch an itch”. Sometimes the secret to marketing is just being there.

The internet provides an excellent structure for viral marketing. Viral marketing is a campaign that builds upon itself by engaged users involving other non-engaged users. An example of this is where someone emails their friend telling them about a cool site.

The core of marketing is research and fact-based analysis. If you do it right, your investments will pay huge dividends, and doing it right requires patience and planning. Some great tools you can use in your online marketing research are:

Google Keyword Tool
Market Samurai

As Zig Ziglar put it, “You can have anything in life that you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Follow this rule and you will do well with your marketing.

John Lagoudakis has been earning a full-time income online since January 2008 and is passionate about helping others to do the same.

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