What Do You Need To Attract Money?

What Do You Need To Attract Money?
I have a friend who has done a lot of reading on the Law of Attraction and his personal mantra is, Ask. Believe. Receive. He says it all the time, especially when he is headed into a casino. The problem is that it is just a mantra and not a belief. He says it in a hopeful way, but we both know that he doesnt believe that it will really happen. If you are trying to attract money (and who isnt these days?), then you have to bring the Law of Attraction deeper into your conscious than just saying it out loud.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself if you are really trying to attract money. First of all, do you believe that you are worthy of a windfall? Do you have set plans for the money when it arrives? Are you concerned about where the money will come from? If you dont believe, truly in your heart and soul, that you deserve it, that it doesnt matter where it comes from, and if you dont have specific plans for that cash, then it simply wont happen.

Bringing the Law of Attraction into your belief system is something that many people have a hard time with and studies are now showing that the use of hypnosis can help to make you believe that being able to attract money is something that you can actually do. After all, if you dont believe it will happen, it never will.

Hypnosis helps to take a thought that you have, one that you want to incorporate into your inner being, and turn it into a true belief. You will change from a person who wants to believe in the Law of Attraction into one that really does believe it and all that it can offer people just like you.

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