Video Conferencing Online

Video Conferencing Online
Video Conferencing is huge right now. Everybody is looking to use some kind of video communication tool over the net, and the latest functions and tools which come with conference software make it as close to meeting offline as possible, which enable a smooth streamlined video communication.

Many companies are turning to video conferencing as a way to cut business costs. The savings in using online video software can be huge and for many larger companies go into hundreds of thousands a month. The costs in travelling, transportation, accommodation, the venue, food, entertainment and more can eat into a huge chunk of any companies budget. I understand a company has allocated portions of money for this but they no longer need to.

Video Conferencing Software enables a very unique experience. Its as close to an offline meeting as possible but at a ridiculously low cost. If you choose the right conference company to start with you will find the following functions available.

First of all, make sure you choose one which charges per room and not per person. If your conference package charges you per person the costs can be very high as your conference grows in numbers. Another tip is to use a conference company which hosts your conference room on a server which it streams from, without any downloads. Some conference companies require you and any user, attendee to download and install software. Because downloading and installing can cause problems for some users using different operating systems this is clearly not practical and can also be very embarrassing when people cant join your conference.

Here are a few of the important functions. First of all every company uses PowerPoint Presentations. You can use video conferencing to display and share PowerPoint Presentations with all who attend. This is very neat and you can obviously conduct your presentation in exactly the same manner as you could offline.

File Sharing is another neat function. You can place a file, folder, video, image, and many kinds of documents into a tray in the conference software interface and every attendee can access it and save it to their own computer. This is really good and is as simple as drag and drop.

Desktop sharing is another really good function. You can work and show examples right from your desktop. All the attendees can watch as you perform different tasks on your own computer. This works great if you are upgrading or introducing a new piece of software to your company and want to show its uses and functions.

Whiteboard presentation is another fantastic function. You can conduct a meeting using the whiteboard tool just like using a pen, pie charts, shapes, and writing. Many companies still conduct offline meetings in this manner and this tool has proved to be a winner.

There are many more functions such as browser sharing, video sharing, multiple chat, multiple moderators, live polling, multiple full way video chat, conference room branding and so much more. Take your time when choosing your conference package and make sure you find one to suit your needs, but most importantly to get the best functions and tools make sure you at least follow my guide and tips in this article.

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