Tips On Purchasing Commercial Ice Machines

Tips On Purchasing Commercial Ice Machines
Commercial ice machines are used to make and store ice in hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, supermarkets, office lunchrooms, hospitals and packaging companies. If you are in the restaurant business, purchasing high end ice makers will ensure that you always have an adequate supply of ice to serve your customers. It will relieve you of the fear of running short of ice during peak hours or an unexpected increase in demand.

Commercial Ice Machines: 3 Things to Consider

You must consider a few important factors before purchasing commercial ice machines, such as:

Business Needs

Today, the market offers a diverse range of ice makers that produce different forms of ice, including ice chips, ice cubes, ice flakes, ice nuggets and crushed ice. However, it is very important to buy a machine according to your business needs. In case you need standardize ice cubes, you may opt for a cube ice maker. Flake snow makers are suitable for companies involved in preservation of seafood, meat or other perishable food items. Nugget snow making machines are apt for you if you run a beverage business.

Cooling System

The ice generators are also classified according to their cooling systems, such as air cooling machines and water cooling machines. Consider which cooling system is best for your business environment. The air cooling ice machines are environmental friendly, easy to install and less expensive. However, they require more space to function and produce a lot of noise. Water cooling machines are more expensive to operate but more reliable. These machines produce less heat and do not affect the room temperature. Also, they require less space than air cooling machines. They are suitable when there are space constraints.


Also, consider the ease of installation and maintenance. It is very important to follow a regular cleaning routine to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and algae. Also, the ice bins, the condenser fan and the air filter should be cleaned thoroughly. Check how easy it will be to keep your machine clean.

Other considerations include designs, energy efficiency, standard features, serving capacity and robustness of the motor. To know more about commercial ice machines, visit This company offers a wide selection of energy efficient ice makers at competitive rates.

There are many kinds of ice machines for sale on the market, and sometimes it is difficult to decide which is best for your business. See you will find the right kind of ice machines for your business.

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