Third And Fourth Line Brand In Three, Four Survival Status Of The Market – Cosmetics, Cleaning

Third And Fourth Line Brand In Three, Four Survival Status Of The Market – Cosmetics, Cleaning
Recent years, Procter & Gamble, Unilever their cavalry from one city to the secondary and tertiary markets, while constantly expanding, pull Fong, County Flower Show and other famous domestic brands have gradually from traditional market channels, the flow of market Turn the terminal stores and supermarkets. Behind the white-hot competition in the washing brand marketing channels, the target market is gradually coming together is one of the important information can not be ignored.

Washing products in the market well into the era of little profit background, foreign brands and domestic first and second tier brands occupy most of the current market share of urban and rural areas, three or four lines of the living environment of the brand seems only limited by county and township rural market. Then, they present the third and fourth grade how to market what is the development of the status quo? Mid-June, the reporter visited the Jiangxi Province, Fuzhou, Yingtan, Shangrao and other regions of seven, eight county market to three casts, four-brand In the third and fourth grade for survival status.

Four-brand “semi-private use,” the development of the decline
Present, Jiangxi’s rural market is still P & G, La Fang and other mainstream brands, “the world”, and as brand competition intensifies, some free at the low end of the smaller brands are gradually toward the edge of the market. “Low-priced brand to go small amount has been declining, with spending power of most will choose P & G’s products, or select the brand we recommend, there are some consumers will buy domestic brands such as La-fang, as less expensive brand, is limited to very low income persons and some of the illiterate, the elderly have no brand awareness of consumers. ” Chongren County, Jiangxi Province, a dealer that the next few years, four-brand (small brand) will face more severe shuffle.

Reporter Chongren County’s largest, has three branches of the 100 benefits the supermarket, there are two rows of shelves of supermarkets selling daily Cosmetic , Ai children, pure point unknown small brands such as shampoo, shower gel occupying about 80% of the supermarket display surface. 100 Hui supermarket relevant person in charge, said the supermarket selling mainly food products mainly small proportion of cosmetics, although these “little brand” in the display seems to be very dominant, but their sales limited. From the sales point of view, P & G, La Fang, Xiang Yu, mining accounted for music and other brands for more than two-thirds of overall sales, especially in P & G, the high rate of consumer choice.

Chongren County, another dealer engaged in the retail industry for many years, told reporters, according to his understanding, three years, Chongren 100 benefits from a supermarket cosmetics by a Nanchang Proxy Business owner “semi-private use”: the three or four four-brand “package under the” supermarket shelves on the main location of areas, with four, five promoters, but also symbolically placed a number of Procter & Gamble, La aromatic products. Supermarket just need to free space, the brand and business management are to private use, not only harvest the money for the supermarket “private use fee” can be a normal profit margins and rebate. “This ‘semi-private use’ of the supermarket business in a manner more common in the county, because this approach ensures the supermarket’s profits, are also addressed to some extent the market for these small brands,” emphasized the dealer.

Later in Guangchang, Yihuang County also understand that a similar situation, washing cosmetics market, compared with the specialty stores, supermarkets county relatively weak position, most of the main business of food; and because strong franchise stores, people not only in specialty stores, skin care and color cosmetics, also used to buy in the shops Detergent Mainstream consumer groups are shops almost “interception” depleted. “Even if some consumers buy into a supermarket, cleaning care products, full of supermarkets and small brands can not meet consumer demand.”

County consumer brand conscious Small brand peril

Guangchang dealer Wang also believes that three, four-brand market is shrinking, its sales in the county is small, the development of peril. When asked the reason, he said, the rural consumer’s increased brand awareness, the market will inevitably lead to smaller brands more and more. He explained that several years ago started the “Ten Thousand Villages” project, in fact, the process of a brand to rural areas, rural consumers, brand awareness is growing; the same time, groups of young migrant workers “Homecoming “, also led to the whole family and change consumer attitudes, which affect the rural consumer brand awareness of a significant force enhancement.

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