The New Blog Blueprint Bonus Live On Oct 28th: The Amazing Profit-pulling And Money-getting Machine

The New Blog Blueprint Bonus Live On Oct 28th: The Amazing Profit-pulling And Money-getting Machine
The best blog blueprint bonus package you’ll be receiving for free will help you build more blogs, in less time, get more traffic and generate more money with every blog you create.

The blog blueprint system and blog bonus bonus approach tells you to create and concentrate first on 5 to 10 blogs a month, before expanding. The great thing to understand here is that the blog blueprint doesn’t claim that you’re going to create 5 blogs and earn $ 1,000 per blog, as so many scams and other autoblogging courses claim. This is a realistic approach to autoblogging and you’re going to love the entire blog blueprint bonus system.
The step-by-step blog blueprint bonus system includes 7 modules that take autoblogging to the next level. Start small and build momentum to generate $ 57,600 a year.

The first module of the series is Preparation, which has 5 different parts: as the proverb says, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Here, the blog blueprint bonus formula emphasizes the importance of budgeting, knowing your potential losses or expenses. It also explains what autoblogging is, the goal of the course and the importance of the concept called the “Core Focus Concept”. Down to reality. People just following so cheap autoblogging course think they’re going to be rich and earn $ 1,000 a month per blog.

Doing Research is step number 2. Doing research on the keywords to use and the “core focus” to concentrate on. Focus on the wrong keywords and the wrong “Core” and you’re out of the picture pretty quickly. This is not a game about building blogs, this is a business we’re building.

During the next step, the set up, we’re organizing everything and again preparing everything, making sure everything turns out in your favor: domain, webhost, email and content management.

Now that we’re prepared everything and that we’ve done our thorough research, the next step is to start building our blog and our network of blogs with all the plugins and initial configuration. Now, I can assure you that it takes an awful lot of time if you want to do it correctly and not look spammy. We’re not taking the easy way here, we always have in mind that we’re building a business, and not just a blog. Here is where automation comes into place. Now, we talk the process of building the blog and configuring everything to the next level thanks to the “Auto-blog Installer”. It does everything for you, just enter a few things and blogs and plugins are configured for you, saving you at least 1 hour of work.

Next is the Optimization step. We’re talking about the 2 kinds of content for your blogs, how to SEO your articles and how to create this “autoblogging” dream to a reality thanks to 2 other sofware: AutoBlogBuddy and Datafilter. Can you realize that these 3 pieces of software will allow you to save so much time and money. AutoBlogBuddy is a tool that automates blog posts creation by pulling data from several sources of great content, including amazon, article directories, even your own PLR articles. This is alone worth 10 times the price of the course itself.

Next, we’re planning for our long term success. Step 6 is about quickly indexing your blog in 12 hours max, how to monetize your blog the right way and how to get guaranteed web traffic. you’ll discover video, articles, rss tricks and techniques to get your blog ranked high in the search engines and get lots of traffic to your site.

The last module is focused on advanced monetization and 3 strategies are talked about in this last step: how to sell ad space, email marketing and how to make more money with lead generation, and flipping your blogs.

And I would like to offer the Blog Blueprint bonus package for free, so you can build more blogs, faster and to generate more money with each blog, just follow this link to the Blog Blueprint bonus.

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