The Champ Selections Ebook Review- Can This Book Turn You Into A Sports Betting Guru Or Just Scam You?

The Champ Selections Ebook Review- Can This Book Turn You Into A Sports Betting Guru Or Just Scam You?

Are you into sports? Many of us are. Do you like to enjoy your weekends watching a football game or even your evenings watching basketball? Alot of us have a huge competitive edge and are so faithful with our teams that we are even willing to place bets to prove our point. Some sports fans have turned this into a lucrative career and make a very good living off placing bets.

I am not the greatest when it comes to betting on things. I could not even win at bingo so imagine how great I am at betting on sports. When I go over to a friends house I sometimes place small wagers on games just for giggles and sometimes even after looking into stats. For the most part I lose almost every time and it gets embarrassing.

I have a small circle of friends that do fairly well at betting on sporting events. They all live together and at times even fly to vegas to celebrate when they do really well. I know there is money in winning bets but it seems like you have to be a high roller. One of them took me and gave me a few tips on the next game and I figured I should just try a small bet online just to test his tip.

I ended up betting 100.00 and won 300.00. It was a good feeling to have an extra 200.00 from a friends advice. I figured since I was up by that much I would ask him if he had any other tips for me. He told me about a few insider tips he had with an upcoming boxing match so I went all out and bet tht 200.00 I earned on the next match.

I figured it had to be a fluke and the money I just bet was good as gone. The following weekend I went over to watch the match with my friends and it felt like years before the main event finally came around. I watched punch after punch and round after round. It was an incredible rush to know I was betting on this. After it was said and done I actually one the bet! The 200.00 I bet on this match had turned into 800.00.

I asked my friend how he was able to predict sporting events and get soo good at this. He told me years of trial and error and reading a few courses that put him on the right path. I figured he is doing something right since he turned my 100.00 into 1000.00 with only two bets.

I tried for weeks to get my friend to tell me what he studied to learn how to bet on sports. It was like pulling teeth. One night when he had too much to drink he said he read a Book called The Champ Selections.

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