The Best Die Cutters Are Cricut Machines

The Best Die Cutters Are Cricut Machines

A Cricut machine does not require a computer interface. The Cricut die cutters are free standing machines that produce precision cut designs in card stock paper. These Cricut die cutters are wildly popular among paper crafters and scrap book artists. Various designs are selected by cartridges to allow scrapbookers and artists to create designs within a selected theme.

There are three different Cricut machines available on the market. The most popular is the Cricut Expression. Other models include the Cricut and the Cricut Create. These machines all offer several cartridge designs including cutouts for all 50 states in the U.S. and die cuts for wedding themed items.

The Cricut personal electronic cutter typically comes with the George cartridge. This cartridge offers a full array of fonts and basic shapes to get you started. Shapes include blackout, shadow, silhouette, charm, slotted, and sign. These shapes can be accented in 12 different sizes. The whole Cricut personal cutter package typically cost around $ 300.

The Cricut Expression retails for around $ 500.00 and uses the same cartridges as the Cricut personal electronic cutter. This machine has the ability to cut on a 12″x24″ mat. The larger cutting area makes it perfect for large format projects.

The Cricut Create costs around $ 400.00 and is the same size as the original Cricut. However, with the Cricut Create, cut shapes and letters are in a large format size like the Cricut Expression. The “Don Juan” starter cartridge typically comes with this package. This cartridge offers multiple fonts, shapes, and creative features. This cartridge includes shadow, stitched, marquee, puzzled, and under pressure shapes.

Scrapbook artists love the Cricut machines because it’s such a great investment. With one cartridge, you can literally replace the need to buy sheet after sheet of alphabet stickers and shaped cut outs. With one cartridge you can design several different looks in various sizes. By adjusting to a variety of different sizes and paper choices, the Cricut machine can create several different looks with one cartridge.

One of the best features of a Cricut machine is its ease of use. School aged children can use the Cricut machine for design projects or reports for school. Cartridges typically offer around 250 deigns in 12 sizes. Also, Cricut offers so many different cartridges. There isn’t much you can’t do with a Cricut machine. They are perfect for scrapbooking, artistry, school projects, and sign making. The possibilities are endless with the Cricut Machine.

Jenny Spuknik writes articles that teach scrapbook artists about Cricut Machines and about other Die Cutting Machines.

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