The Benefits of Elliptical Machines

The Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines have very much become one of the most popular ways to build on cardiovascular and body condition. Whether you are an athlete trying to maintain or improve on your aerobic capacity or simply someone who just wants to get fit, the benefits of elliptical machines will certainly help you obtain your goals. In my opinion, there are three main benefits.

Firstly the motion. Elliptical machines operate with a smooth oscillating motion which literally makes you feel like you are gliding on air. The motion is obtained by the movement of foot pedals linked to handles which work in conjunction with each other to create a forward or reverse motion. This smooth, flowing motion is extremely low impact and helps to reduce stress and jarring on the lower body joints and muscles.

Secondly, the weight bearing benefit. Elliptical machines don’t just offer a low impact exercise on the body’s joints and muscles. The weight bearing exercise of ellipticals promotes cell growth, improving bone density in the lower body and spine. Compared to other equipment used for aerobic activity which are not weight bearing, this is one of the biggest benefits of elliptical machines for the body over the longer term.

Thirdly, the variety of full body workouts. Many elliptical machine manufacturers are adopting new technologies and making their machines operate more efficiently for better cardio performance. With features such as speed, resistance, incline, preset programmes and heart rate monitoring you can vary the intensity depending on your goals and over time, see improvements in performance. The dual action foot pedals and handles allow the upper and lower body to move in sync. The result is not only complete cardio efficiency as the heart has to pump harder to facilitate more muscles with oxygen but the body in turn burns more calories aiding fat loss, one of the true benefits of elliptical machines.

It isn’t any wonder that gyms and health clubs across the globe have incorporated ellipticals into their equipment ranges. The same goes for home fitness fanatics. They have come to realize that compared to treadmills, rowing machines and stationary bikes, the benefits of elliptical machines really are worth much more for fitness and body conditioning.

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