Swimsuit designs in Miss Universe 2010

Swimsuit designs in Miss Universe 2010

Miss Universe 2010 is due to take place on August 23 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The swimsuit competition in Miss Universe 2010 will use Dar Be Dar brand. It is reported that ten years ago, Dar Be Dar was only a fashion brand specializing in short skirts designed by Tala Raassi, an Iran stylist. But now it becomes a popular swimwear brand in America. Designer Raassi loves freedom, generosity, equality, the beauty of woman body and she expresses those through her designs. That is one of the reasons why Dar Be Dar was selected to provide the main costumes for the beautiful contestants as well. Designer Raassi Tala said that she would release the most eye-catching and sexiest swimsuits to be worn during the Miss Universe 2010. Here are some swimsuit designs of Raassi.


Miss Universe 2010 will select the design of Dar Be Dar brand for the bikini competition.


Dar Be Dar is a swimsuit brand designed by Tala Raassi.


The swimsuit models express the spirit of liberty, equality and women’s attractiveness.


The designs of Dar Be Dar will be released in the upcoming show named Rachael Ray.


Miss Universe 2010 include more than 80 countries.


Miss Universe 2010 is due to take place on August 23 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.


Dar Be Dar swimwear brand was founded by designer Tala Raassi.


After the release on Marie Claire fashion magazine and other magazines, swimwear designs will be unveiled at a show called Rachael Ray.


This year women around the world will have chance to see beautiful contestants in Dar Be Dar swimsuit brand.



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