Stealth Profit Machines The Story behind it

Stealth Profit Machines The Story behind it

Have you ever heard the expression “Success breeds success”? I’m sure you have, but do you know what it really means?

It means two things:

1. Success comes in ever-increasing quantity to those already are successful.
2. You can achieve success by copying those who have already achieved it.

Think about those two points for a second.

Now consider this much: Tiger Woods became the first athlete to ever reach the status of billionaire.

How did he do it? Well, for one… he’s damn good at swinging a golf club. But the greatness in his sport made him a persona who attracted other avenues of income, such as sponsors. The more he won, the more he was sought out to endorse Nike, Gilette, and other companies. The more money he made from his endorsements, the more his legendary stature grew as a marketable asset.

And before you know it, he’s the first billionaire athlete. Money makes money. Success breeds success.

That’s point #1.

Point #2 teaches us that if we can hit a golf ball like the Tiger, and have his personality, and copy him… we’d become billionaire athletes ourselves. Now, this is a more complex argument. There is a lot involved here, such as personality, charisma, etc. You can copy these up to a point. Which is why Tiger is Tiger, and Padraig Harrington is nowhere near Tiger’s stature, despite being a superb golfer.

Fortunately, there are numerous situations where you CAN copy, move for move, the same thing a successful person does, and be just as successful. These cases happen when all that’s involved are steps. Simple procedures you can replicate. Easy functions you can copy.

Just like those in Chris Freville’s “Stealth Profit Machines “.

Chris Freville, if you don’t know, is a cool Englishman who consistently and graciously kicks ye olde royal backside, when it comes to internet marketing. As a super affiliate, he’s always in the top 10 of any product launch.

And since “Success breeds success”, you just have to do what Chris does, if you want to strike the big money online. It’s simple, right? Do exactly what they do, how they do it, and you become one of “they” too!

Have a look at Chris Freville’s “
Stealth Profit Machines “, and start copying the success now.

P.S. It’s even automated, so you have very little to actually copy – the software does it for you! It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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