Sound Machines Can Help Colicky Babies

Sound Machines Can Help Colicky Babies

It is often hard to determine exactly what colic is and why it affects your baby, but many newborns have this problem. They will often cry for hours at a time and very little will help them to calm down. Often this occurs at night. This can cause parents to worry and the baby not to sleep through the night. In turn, this causes the parents to lose sleep, and this can build their frustration. When your baby has colic, the first thing that you should do is consult with your pediatrician to make sure that the problem is not anything more serious than simple colic.

Parents will find that they can try certain things to help their baby sleep better. One of the popular tools to help with this is sound machines. A baby sound machine can sometimes relax the baby and allow him or her to rest easier through the night. White noise is one of the sounds that these machines produce, and the sound has been successful in helping many babies begin sleeping through the night.

The sounds help to drown out all of the other noises in the environment, and it is thought that babies find the sound to be soothing and relaxing. White noise is a combination of the frequencies audible to humans, and it makes it impossible for the human ear to detect and hone in on any one of the sounds. This relaxes the brain, and when the brain relaxes, the body is soon to follow. The sound machines work wonders for relaxing an upset baby.

While white noise will work for many babies, you might find that it doesn’t work for your child. That’s okay because the sound machines on the market today often have other sounds that they are able to produce as well. You will find ocean sounds, the patter of rainfall, babbling brooks, and more that will help the baby get some sleep. They key is finding out which sound works the best for your baby and then letting the machine play that sound through the night.

If you have a baby with colic, you do not have to give up hope of sleeping over the next six months. You can purchase a baby sound machine and see how it soothes the baby and lulls him or her into sleep. Then, you can take a well deserved rest for yourself.

Melissa Nathans, a sleep expert, recommends sound machines and equipment such as white noise machines for sound masking and baby sleep problems. For more information, please visit Sleepwellbaby.

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