Sony Ericsson Chinese Gamble Smart Machine During A Short Board Meeting On The Td Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson Chinese Gamble Smart Machine During A Short Board Meeting On The Td Mobile Phone
Although the global market share dwindling, although 2 months ago just experienced a coaching change crisis, but Sony Ericsson is still in China Mobile Market to maintain enthusiasm, and be seen as the best hope to turn around. “Sony Ericsson did not see long-time release so many high-end products today.” This is a recently held in Beijing in spring 2010, Sony Ericsson, a press release issued a media fellow with emotion, in the name “Let’s communicate more entertainment, “conference, Sony Ericsson breath to release five new products in China, and had listed the formation of U-series square, Smartphones Is to become one of the absolute main.

Smart strategy shift by the function

Review the global handset market in 2009, and no doubt Sony Ericsson Motorola As playing a tragic role. Earnings data show that in 2009 Sony Ericsson loss 878 million euros, is the world’s share fell to 4.5%, fell to the world’s fifth, which only in the fourth quarter and the year before, compared to shipments fell 40%. While the reasons for this situation is Financial The impact of the crisis environment, the other is the Sony Ericsson end-market consumption trends for the quick turn touch screen mobile phones, smart phones less than expected, at the product level appeared unable to respond to faults.

Such circumstances, Sony Ericsson has been restructuring in hurry. In addition to reducing costs through layoffs, the adjustment of product line, accelerate smart phones and touch screen mobile phone has become a top priority of the layout. Special set of Sony Ericsson ” Communicate Entertainment “as a new strategy, and will accelerate the introduction of smart phone products, the strategy as an important component. Head of Sony Ericsson China, said Wei Fang and the Chinese market each month 100 000 000 5 million mobile phone users in the use social networking and other entertainment applications, using Sony Ericsson mobile Internet users is growing 50% per month, Sony Ericsson’s product strategy is the “main function” to “Smart Platform” change the layout through the entire intelligence platform and comprehensive manner to respond to user demand for communications and entertainment market, including photo sharing, online video on demand, SNS social networking, microblogging, the demand for wireless downloads.

Years make up a short TD mobile phone board

In product strategy adjustment, market strategy, Sony Ericsson will be the Chinese market on a more important position. Statistics show that although the 2009 Sony Ericsson difficulties encountered in the global marketplace, but in the Chinese market, its mobile phone shipments continue to improve by 25%. Fang and Wei said the next few years, Sony Ericsson will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market and Chinese market for the localization of the new products. Fang and Wei disclosed, Sony Ericsson will launch this year to support China’s independent 3G Standard TD-S CDMA Standard smart phone.

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