Some Betting Strategies For Horse Racing!

Some Betting Strategies For Horse Racing!
Gambling is an addictive game and a lot of people think that horse racing betting is not a very good idea. However if you take calculated risks then betting is not great a risk as you think it is. A person who is reckless is likely to lose a lot of money as compared top a person who is always careful and meticulous as to where he puts his money. For example, a lot of apprentices can break a horse really fast. This means that the particular horse will be ideal for winning the sprint races. That means that they can win all the short distance races and not the route ones. A route race is one whose distance is longer than 1 to 1/8 miles. This does not mean that the horse cannot do it. It just means that the horse does not have enough experience to pull a long race. But if you put that horse in some experienced hands, then it will do wonders even in the long races.

Tricks of the Trade

There are quite a few things that you should keep in mind when you are choosing a horse. While making a choice, remember that you are not just choosing the horse, more importantly you are choosing the jockey. A very good horse can lose in the hands of a bad or an inexperienced jockey. Often the horse is blamed for a bad run where it is the jockey who is probably at fault. Here are betting strategies for doing well: When you are looking at an experienced jockey give more importance to the obstacle racing than the flat racing. This is because in the former, the jockey has to be skilled and maintain his position on the horse. If he falls off, the race will come to an end. Don’t even think of coming second or third. Look out for horses which could win but are not backed too much. The horses which are heavily backed might win most of the time but in terms of a value bet, they are quite low on the rankings. If you see that the track is a heavy one with a lot of mud, then choose a horse which has a good start. The horse which can grab an early lead will do better on sluggish tracks. Try to not go through the extremes. Don’t always choose the favourites. On the other hand don’t look at horses which have very remote chances in winning. Play the ones which are straight and simple. Also, if you see that a horse is suddenly getting backed just before a race and the odds are going down fast, and then bet on that horse. The only reason why that could be happening is because someone has some good information on that horse.

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