“Slingomama 2010” contest in Russia

“Slingomama 2010” contest in Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world, has a large number of ethnic groups with distinctive traditions of folk music. This nation also contributes many of the world’s most famous literary works by greatest writers of all time. Tourists can enjoy movies in traditional Russian cinemas, pay a visit to the casinos and bowling clubs as well as experience and participated in the nightlife of the country. They can join the string of entertainment activities which form an essential part of art and culture in Russia. Those who can watch and join the “Slingomama 2010” contest held in southern Russian city of Stavropol on 18 July 2010 are lucky. The contest was for the best sling to carry a child. Many women have taken part in the contest.

Many women participated in the contest.

A woman with her child took in part the ‘Slingomama 2010’.

This woman is still fashionable while carrying a child.



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