Rooney ready to play with heart gamble will return this weekend to play Sunderland

Rooney ready to play with heart gamble will return this weekend to play Sunderland

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While the victory over Tottenham last weekend after the Manchester United Rooney Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed it may have been the season, but obviously not the kind of chubby people succumbed to injuries in the PFA awards dinner on the World Cup, Rooney first England fans certainly comfort No problem, yesterday the media has revealed he may play Stoke City in the final round of the game back, but this season has had a comeback in the Champions League Rooney gamble real goals are more surprising: this weekend he beat Sunderland will go into battle!

Rooney currently injured more than a body, in addition to the Champions League match ankle injury has not healed, the groin has pulled a muscle near the previously injured knee was not quite right, Wayne Rooney at Manchester United on Thursday for training feel pain in several injuries, and eventually he had to stop training, the team doctor told him to rest.

At present the remaining two rounds of the league, Manchester United must ensure victory Chelsea hope to catch up with the top, in this case Wayne Rooney does not want to stand by the first round of the Champions League to play Bayern Rooney would have expected the last minute to take a three sprained ankle weeks, 8 days after the results of his starting lineup for the second round, the chubby also plan to try again this weekend also surprising comeback.

Wayne Rooney believes Manchester United are still a good chance I would win, because Liverpool at Anfield this weekend will be blocking blue, “I do not need to tell Fitzgerald that they must win because Liverpool certainly do so, they are eager to win , also for the seat to the war in Europe, so I’m sure they must win. ” England’s Wayne Rooney has just entered the year, the fellow Gerrard has added to his attention, so Wayne Rooney Steven Gerrard is a very good friend, chubby natural looking forward to the friends. However, if Rooney played the weekend insisting England coach Fabio Capello will definitely not be happy, if re-injured Wayne Rooney, England’s World Cup plans will be greatly affected.


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