Reach Your Highest Potential – Soar Like an Eagle

Reach Your Highest Potential – Soar Like an Eagle

In order to soar like an eagle, you must first leave the nest. When an eaglet emerges from its protective shell, it must first be fed and nurtured by its parents. This is similar to receiving information from sources such as books, videos and conversations who feed you information to help you grow. Just as an eaglet sheds its baby feathers, so must humans shed their fears in order to be able to fly. Each feather represents the shedding of old belief codes and negative thought forms.

If you believe you cannot fly, then you will never try.

Observe the habits of those around you. People flock to those who are kind and respectful. Those who perpetrate heinous crimes are generally people who have not learned to adapt to society and to be respectful and friendly towards others. In most cases, they were abused and had no role models to teach them how to be kind, creative and to follow their passions.

As negative belief codes are shed, allowing you to be in your integrity and to speak your truth, the freer you become. Like the eagle, you can soar higher and higher, playing with the thermals and keeping a sharp eye out for your next meal, living in the moment, flowing with life while taking care of your basic needs.

As the eagle matures, the time arrives to leave the nest and prepare to live a life of solidarity. For humans, this is a time for introspection, going within and learning to rely on yourself. Each of you must make this solo flight if you want to reach your highest potential. You must decide where to build your nest and become responsible for each choice you make. As you get better at making decisions that lead you toward your desired destiny, life becomes easier and more profound. This is like the eagle that has mastered his flight patterns and becomes adept at catching his prey in order to sustain himself.

While circling high above the earth, you can gain a better view of the “bigger picture” and look at problems that confront you from various perspectives. Know that for every problem there are many solutions.

Then comes the day when the eagle chooses a mate. If you tend to harbor anger and resentment towards your friends, you will surely do the same with the one you live with. For those of you who have cleaned your nest of unnecessary habits, belief codes and stuff, you will draw unto yourself appropriate mates.

Learn from the eagle. They choose a mate for a lifetime. They do not compare the feathers they wear, their flying skills, correct the sounds the other makes, etc. There is simply respect and cooperation as they raise their young. They take turns feeding and assisting their offspring in learning how to fend for themselves. How much better our world would be if we did the same.

Society spends much time fixated on the “right” career and the “perfect” car, house, income, etc. Shallow fixations with the “model” look have created havoc, especially among young women. Tremendous exposure to unhealthy products literally sickens the populace. How can anyone be expected to reach their highest potential when they are bombarded with comparisons and so much emphasis placed on competition?

Look within and discover your innate beauty. Find what warms your heart and ignites your passion; push past peer pressure and dare to stand in your truth. Develop friendships with those who allow you to be yourself. Stand in your integrity and speak your truth. Be kind to yourself and others. Your ability to soar high above the earth and flow with the wind is unlimited. What joy will fill your heart when you unfurl your wings and soar like an eagle!

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