Price Per Head, The Leading Sports Betting Software Provider, Counts With A Diverse, Professional Team Ready To Help Bookies

Price Per Head, The Leading Sports Betting Software Provider, Counts With A Diverse, Professional Team Ready To Help Bookies

If you truly want to be a successful bookmaker, you probably know by now that to utilize the services of a preeminent Price per Head company that can offer you effective bundled services (including a non-costly sports betting software) is key to achieve your goals.

But certainly, such professional solutions would not be possible without a team of multi skilled individuals backing up a series of mission-critical systems such as Price per Head .com’s in-house sports betting software.

At our company, we count with a staff of senior managers whom are the ones guiding our team of clerks in order to ensure that the clients of a bookmaker will always receive a proactive service. They are able to lead our personnel in an effective way since they have proven to be effective planners and can see the big picture, which is why they are able to embrace a team-work mentality that fosters cooperation, resulting in a problem management system that allows bookies to achieve their primary business objectives in an effortless way.

Our personnel has been trained with different client attention strategies such as the proper usage of the tone of voice and the establishment of empathy with the client in a given conversation, which means that when a bookmaker handles his business to us, he is sure to receive good feedback concerning our call center solutions.

And, since we are located in Costa Rica, we have the advantage of offering our offshore solutions for a lower price than the one that is charged by our onshore counterparts. This is because an overhead cost such as our monthly payroll, is not at a sky-high level when compared to onshore hourly wages. Since this Central American country is closely related to the American way of living, Costa Ricans possess a natural cultural alignment that allows us to be confident about the premium treatment the clients of bookmakers will receive as we carefully have chosen the personnel that we employ based on their native level of English and their overall education.

Now, when it comes to computers, we count with a team of IT specialists whom are also experienced developers, which allows us to always improve the different virtual tools that are offered to our customers. And, since we only work with in-house products, our team of troubleshooting experts are always ready to assist with any technical difficulties that might arise, which ensures bookies that they are obtaining real cost-effective solutions.

Since we grant a free website with its own domain name to all bookmakers whom have acquired our internet service pack, we also count with our own team of skilled web designers whom only utilize high-end design techniques and whom are ready to work any given client in order to make of his vision of a website a reality.

Our staff is ready to help you attain success in your business, and all you need to do to get started is to pick up the phone and get in touch with us, we are waiting for your call.

This news are brought to you by Mia Kingstone, a professional sports betting news writer. Remember to check soon for more stories on the wagering industry. If you have not signed up yet for Bookie Software by Price per Head just take a look

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