PLR ATM Review + Bonus – Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM strategy resulted in an extra $4,200+ per month!

PLR ATM Review + Bonus – Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM strategy resulted in an extra ,200+ per month!

I have worked in the past as a freelance writer and I have also created articles to be sold as PLR but I’ve never really made a lot of money with either.  So when I saw that Tiffany Dow was going to release a product called PLRATM I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

Tiffany is a very well respected Internet Marketer who always delivers good quality content so I had no issue purchasing a product from her.

I have also visited Tiffany’s own PLR store in the past to purchase articles from her and so I know that her model will be a very successful one to follow.

So as soon as PLRATM was launched I grabbed a copy and sat down and read through it and watched the videos and I can say that Tiffany has certainly delivered a very good product.

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Here is quick look at the steps in PLRATM:

Step 1: Know What PLR Topics Will Sell Best.  Tiffany gives a good look at choosing PLR topics and a great example at how a topic you wouldn’t even think to consider can actually be a best seller.

Step 2: Know What PLR Specs Your Customers Are Seeking.  In this step Tiffany covers writing articles, blog posts, autoresponders etc.  She talks about what each one involves and how long each should be.

Step 3: Get Your Content Created.  In this chapter Tiffany covers both options of writing your own content and outsourcing your content writing.

Step 4: Set Up Your PLR Site With Automated Delivery and Protection.  A very important topic and Tiffany explains in great detail how to set up your PLR website.

Step 5: Use Specials That Can Help You Cash In Quick.  I love this chapter and Tiffany gives some great examples of the specials that she has used and how much profit she made from them.  One or two of the specials are one’s that I would have considered, but there were a few other gems that I would never have considered on my own.

Step 6: Promote Your PLR Packages.  Ask me how to promote my PLR and I would say run a WSO and then my mind would go blank.  But Tiffany lists quite a few great methods for promoting your PLR packages.

Step 7: Know All Of The Perks To Running A PLR Site.  There are more advantages to running a PLR site than just making money from selling your PLR.  Tiffany covers a few of the other benefits of having your own PLR site.

Step 8: Get Organized Before You Get Going.  Tiffany’s guinea pig who read PLRATM and offered Tiffany her thoughts, suggested some of the points in this chapter, and it really is a great chapter.  It covers the small number of questions that you might still have after reading the rest of the book.  It’s fairly simple ideas but great ideas that can make a huge difference to your business.

PLRATM includes a couple of bonuses and one of these is a list of over 400 niche topics that Tiffany’s customers have requested.  So these are niches that people are looking for and requesting so it has given me a heap of ideas for writing articles.
And there is also an interview with Mike Long which is a very interesting and insightful interview.

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PLRATM covers every little detail that you need to know to set up a profitable PLR business.  Having known a lot of information before purchasing this product, I am still glad that I spent the money to invest in PLRATM as it has certainly taught me a lot that I didn’t know and has given me many tips and steps that will help me to improve my business.
PLR can be a very profitable business if set up correctly and with PLRATM you can do that quickly and easily. 

Would I recommend PLRATM to others?  Yes definitely.  It is well worth the investment to get your own lucrative business up and running.  Discover How to Sell PLR course and Make money without investment

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