“p & G Led The” Self-help Also Help Domestic Products – Procter & Gamble, Washing

“p & G Led The” Self-help Also Help Domestic Products – Procter & Gamble, Washing
“P & G led the” self-salvation, save domestic products

News Background: 2008 7 8, Procter & Gamble (Global) announced a comprehensive price increases of its products. International crude oil prices (a year from 70 U.S. dollars / barrel, shot up to 140 U.S. dollars) had a “domino” effect on the cost of enterprise faces dilemma. Procter & Gamble Company announced price increases for energy and raw materials, the company will begin in September to raise textile, household cleaning products, hair care products, soap, shaving supplies, hygiene supplies and other product prices, or a minimum of 2%, maximum 16%. This is P & G’s year and a half the most significant price hikes. P & G price rises to consumers around the world issued a declaration, one time lead to domestic and foreign colleagues and major media attention.

Price hikes court death, not raising their prices is to die.

The past year, as international oil’s “skyrocketing” oil derivatives as raw materials Cleaning Products Costs more than 100%, including international giants seriously affected all the world, including Procter & Gamble business day of the “survival and development”?? “P & G led the” is the result of specific actions. International opinion that if the fourth oil crisis, China may become the biggest victims. It is clear that cosmetic industry will be facing an unprecedented and difficult to combat.

“Price hikes court death, not raising their prices is to die,” this is all the daily chemical enterprises at home and abroad, which included the “Day of The Godfather,” including Procter & Gamble dilemma proposition. To die than court death, was the first to break the P & G’s market leader in this impasse, often brings up the banner prices.

Start costs rose 20% to 30%, and foreign cosmetic companies can also directly fine-tune the price, change the packaging capacity of “downsizing” and other methods of “disguised price increase”, and improve production processes, formulas, and strengthen internal management and other methods to relieve stress. But now, more than 100% of costs, companies have to not digest the point where prices are forced trend. Not only washing powder, detergent and other cleaning products difficult, Cosmetic , Plastic, also face upward pressure. Therefore, the up and up is not a business that they can not control.

Procter & Gamble rose, I rose? “P & G led the gains,” it triggered a new round of price increases the industry chain? It set off a new round of reshuffling of China on a prelude?

“Rise in the price,” sounded, my heart knows better.

A song sung: the moon, and I have to go. “P & G led the gains”, the foreign enterprise had to follow up on, or concern: Diaopai laundry detergent, with P & G 10% price increase on the same day; July 21, Unilever’s Lux shampoo and other small follow-up Ti price; and if Amway, Liby, Suofu Te, Long Qi, Di color, shadow, etc. that follow the market drift, gestation prices; City Flower Show, La Fang and Yu Jie’s brand will focus on price increases.

Price hikes forced trend. Japanese companies over the years of vicious competition pushing down prices and profits have been very low. Raw material prices and exchange rate risk, which is the cosmetic industry is facing great environment, but the monopoly of the international giant is difficult for SMEs to survive (P & G, Unilever and other giants of the brand image has been accepted by the people and several well-known domestic The brand has always been difficult to grow). October 2007, BONS Day to 3.3 billion cost of bondage; in April 2008, the traditional Japanese enterprise, such as white, also out of stock or not, the area of strength during the day, restructuring of real estate or other trade; have a brilliant future of Beijing has a large treasure unknown … … nearly two years, several domestic pity on the day of beauty companies have moved toward the desolate, more brands and even disappeared from memory. In this wave of new wave of price increases by the largest positive impact on SMEs, can not digest cost pressure if only out of the market, it also means the industry began a new shuffle.

House drain bias was overnight rain. Chinese-Japanese enterprise in the face of all kinds of raw material prices, rising advertising costs, labor costs and operating costs, and exchange rate risks, while another suffered KA and small supermarket retail stores every year, “overweight,” many companies have suffered serious losses , bruises. Providers offer monthly constantly rising, and Proxy Business Monthly’s “moaning cry hard,” so the Chinese daily chemical enterprises worse, getting smaller and smaller profit margins, so that domestic manufacturers are facing unprecedented “winter.” More foreign trade enterprises, due to sharp appreciation of the RMB and the exchange rate risk, foreign trade export business of the actual into a single rate of less than 1%, the outlook bleak.

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