Making CDs is never a waste of money for a band that has a good plan

Making CDs is never a waste of money for a band that has a good plan

They say it’s foolish for new acts to make CDs because no one wants to pay for music anymore. They say CD sales are down and it will never go up again especially now that any song is just a click away. They say that it’s more practical to just give away music online and get money from tours and merch than lose thousands of dollars in making CDs. But… What kind of musician doesn’t have CDs?

Only amateurs who want to remain amateurs.

If you believe in your music and if you have a long-term plan for your career, then you would invest in CDs the way you invest in your set of drums or expensive guitar.  If you are a new act and you have a really good CD packaging (from content to packaging), then you will surely impress your fans. And more importantly, it is more likely that you will impress record labels, your local magazine, and managers.

By making CDs, you are saying that you are not a coward…that you have enough confidence in your music that you are willing to gamble a few dollars because you know you really are good and you definitely have something new to offer.

Here are other reasons why you should still make CDs when no one pays for music:

Image. If you have a CD out, it would make people think that you are a legitimate act. It creates an impression that you really mean business and you’re not just another indie band who will fade out eventually.

Promotion. You need to offer your fans something tangible during tours, club gigs, and any face-to-face encounter. Yes, you can tell your fans during your concerts “Hey, you can download our songs from our site…” but it doesn’t have the same impact as “Hey, you can purchase our album from our booth”. It also creates interaction which is the #1 rule to getting loyal fans.

Publicity. You need to make CDs so radio stations, blogs, magazines, and TV shows would talk about you. How would they feature you if you only have digital downloads and dropcards? You have to have that album in a CD so the media would talk about you. No one wants to talk about a band that doesn’t even have a CD yet.

More money, of course. It’s one way to make money if you market it correctly. But do not fret if you do not get a good monetary return from your CDs because you can use it for promotion. Making CDs is never a waste of money for a band that has a good plan.


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