IPhone Spread Betting Increasing In Popularity

IPhone Spread Betting Increasing In Popularity

Spread betting is gaining popularity and keeps reaching record levels with mobile as iphone. The principles are same compared with conventional shares or forex trading. Once has to rely on the rise or fall of asset like currencies, shares, indices, sports or industries but you do not really buy or sell currencies. Spread betting market with mobile phone started 5 years ago when IG index developed a handset application.Previously with low bandwidths, naturally small screens and was hampered by technology, mobile phone trading was very less. However, these days all this is changing with the ever-advancing mobile gadgets that are coming out from the top manufacturers. Now leading the charge are the gadgets from Iphone, the Blackberry and the Google androd. The new mobile phone are now smart small computers not like only mobile phones.About 85 percent of the new models come with a touch screen pad and an advanced operating system.

iphone after launched city index with spread betting application has now started popularity only a year ago. Demand for mobile dealing was quickly followed by other spread betting companies. Today, IG Index, CMC Markets, Capital Spreads, GFT, and ETX Capital have all launched iphone spread trading applications. The powerful opponent of iPhone was Google Android.When Google announced the involvement in the mobile phones world, everyone expected a phone. However, the announcement referred to more than that – an open source operating system called Android. The first phone using Android was not really a boom, although the sales were pretty good. In time, there were more brands who decided to implement this system for their phones, such as Motorola or HTC. The market was not much good; there are rumors that Google will soon come out with a full service phone.iPhone shall be soon replaced by Android trading application, which is now used by IG Index.

Record will be broken by the new iPhone4.Year 2010 was considered for Apple, but the year is going to complete. Competition would be nil when new operating system Windows Phone 7 will be launched when compared to Iphone and Apple.This event is utilized by Microsoft after loosing some land to Apple and Google.Windows Mobile 7 was launched in October and it seems some important brands like Samsung and HTC have already implemented it for some of their models. Whatever way you think about it, spread betting providers faced with fierce pricing competition won’t be standing idle and are ready to take advantage of the new technology to try gaining an edge over their competition.

Overall, it seems that 2011 might be the year of the mobile spread trading. Sustaining will be with all the major announcements and projects.Many companies have spread betting with mobile trading applications and one with insufficient funds are helpless. Android, Windows Mobile 7 and Blackberry still holds competition with iPhone.iPhone spread betting market will hold control on the market. Will it be City Index – the company that launched the first mobile application or providers like CMC Markets and IG Index that may have more financial resources?

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