Internet Marketing Strategies is Bonus Traffic, Good Traffic

Internet Marketing Strategies is Bonus Traffic, Good Traffic

You want to increase the traffic to your website…and you are reading about lots of different ways to do that. The goal of increased traffic is to a) build your list and b) generate sales, right? Some traffic is better at that than other types of traffic. So as internet marketing strategies go, is bonus traffic a good type of traffic? Is it worth the time and effort that you’ll have to put in to get it?

First let’s look at the opt-ins. Your goal is to get people to join your list by going to your squeeze page. Are the bonus traffic opt-ins…people who come to your page because you offered a free, relevant bonus to someone else’s product…are they as good as other opt-ins? Are they as good as people who come directly to your sales or squeeze page?

The truth is, generally speaking, they are even better! It does depend on where the bonus traffic is coming from. If they are coming from a giveaway then they are giveaway quality opt-ins…but if they just bought a $ 1,000.00 product, they’re $ 1,000.00 customers.

It’s really not about whether they are coming from a bonus…it is about what’s the situation that brings them to your list.

People also ask if it is possible to participate in too many bonuses and the answer is absolutely not. You can give the same product away as a bonus and as a giveaway and still not be overdoing it. Keep doing it…even with the exact same product…as long as it’s working and you are getting subscribers and making money.

At some point, in theory, your bonus could saturate the marketplace. But honest, the world is growing so quickly that I would highly doubt you are ever going to find that happening. The world is a very big place. Just as an example, the List Building Club is pretty big…we have thousands and thousands of members, yet the majority of the world has never heard of us.

So I would say relentlessly go out and do it.  Set up one every couple of days.  If you do, you’ll have steady streams of traffic coming into your business.  It’ll be growing more and more all the time and you’ll get more subscribers with every day that passes and you’ll make more money with every day that passes and it will cost you nothing.  Is there really anything better than that?  I would say no. 

I mean bonus traffic is an amazing form of traffic-an amazing way to get steady streams of customers.  It’s an amazing way of providing value.  Again, remember guys, the more value you provide to your joint venture partners, the more value you provide to your members, to your subscribers, to your customers, the more money you will make period. 

Keep in mind money is a byproduct of helping people.  It’s not something you just get.  So, focus on helping people and you will in fact make a lot of money.  Bonus traffic is a great way to get that ball rolling…one of the great internet marketing strategies out there for helping people and making money.

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything. He and his team at The Listbuilding Club are passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of list building and other internet marketing strategies. To learn more from Tellman and the team, visit

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