Internet Marketing Strategies – Bonus Traffic From Book Launches

Internet Marketing Strategies – Bonus Traffic From Book Launches

There are a lot of internet marketing strategies around bonus traffic– participating in book launches is one of them. Book launches are really cool…and there are at least three or four guys teaching people how to do them. Basically, being in on a book launch is very similar to other types of bonus traffic, whether it is an ebook or another type of product.

Book launches are great because there’s a lot of momentum, a lot of traffic all at once, and I’ve generated thousands and thousands of subscribers and hundreds of thousands of free dollars of sales from doing bonus oriented book launch campaigns.

Like other bonus traffic strategies, you’re dealing with people who just purchased a product. That’s the key defining factor to a successful bonus traffic promotion! When there’s a purchase made first you will have much higher quality folks.

A lot of people think that bonus traffic is limited to digital products…but it isn’t…you can add a bonus to things, like books, that are shipping in the mail. Let’s use hot sauce as an example… so you are launching a book on cooking with various hot sauces, what works best with different foods and cooking methods. What if I sell hot sauces?

Wouldn’t it be cool if I provided for your launch free samples of some of my hot sauces? I’d provide an insert telling your customer to just go to and claim the free sample.

A lot of customers would probably go there, because they really like hot sauce. They would probably enter their name, e-mail address and for a physical product that will be mailed to them of course their mailing address. Sure I’ll send them the free sample, but I’ll also offer them a chance to buy at a great discount a starter pack of my killer hot sauces…available only to them because they bought the cooking with hot sauces book.

The point is rather than just going straight for the sell, we’re providing a bonus. By providing an appropriate bonus we get to build our list and get some name recognition and credibility by being attached to the person who made the first sale. And we’ll no doubt make sales, too, and pass commissions on to that person.

In the case of a book launch, people are often looking for help promoting their book. And what you can do is say, “I’d love to promote your book. One of the things that I would require is to have a bonus, you know, an advertised bonus available so I can give your readers a bunch of extra value and I’ll even pay you for the sales that you generate as a result.”

Most of the time they will think that is great…even better then you just promoting their book because they can generate some additional revenue, provide their customer with an even better value and it is in a completely related area…so it makes sense.

This is how you can use book launches to generate bonus traffic for you… traffic that builds your list, provides value to the customer and creates revenue for your partner. Like all the best internet marketing strategies-a win-win situation!

Tellman Knudson, CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc., is a master list builder, self-made millionaire and well-known for his Listbuilding Club. Tellman teaches you his system for list building using a variety of internet marketing tools and strategies including bonus traffic and book launches. To learn more about the Listbuilding Club, please visit

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