Instant FX Profits online course 4 additional bonuses

Instant FX Profits online course 4 additional bonuses

Instant FX Profits is a powerful online forex trading strategies. It’s developed by Kishore M, the Forex hedge fund manager with proven track record certified by World renown public accounting firm.

Kishore M claims that you can earn $ 183,000 in just 2 months with InstantFXProfits secret. Whether you are an aggressive intra day trader or a end of day trader, you will find powerful strategies that increase your profit in the forex market.

Since I announced 4 limited time Christmas & New Year bonuses of Instant FX Profits online course, some subscribers have emailed us to extend the offer period.

However, to be fair to everyone, extension of offer period is NOT allowed.

So people can only get the 4 *additional* bonuses they you sign up for Instant FX Profits online course from 21 Dec to 1 Jan 2010 only.

Bonus Detail:


1st NEW Additional Bonus for you:


[Private Recording of Advanced Strategy Mastermind Session, US$ 1497.00]

A 6 hours video recording of a private meeting session of Kishore M with his top forex students in which he shared his latest underground forex trading techniques with them.

This mastermind meeting session was strictly by invitation & public is NOT allowed to join.

Due to high privacy of this recording, only 1st 50 buyers can get this recording.


2nd NEW Additional Bonus for you:


[ NFP Forex Robot, US$ 297.00 ]

A forex robot created based on Kishore M’s Non Farm Payroll trading strategy – a strategy with highest winning accuracy.


3rd NEW Additional Bonus for you:


[ In-Depth Revision Tutorial Videos, US$ 1297.00 ]

Videos of 5 tutorial sessions conducted by Kishore M’s 2 top trainer, Mr. Lucas & Mr. Conrad. More than 10 hours of trading essence being revealed. These videos are so precious & they will never be sold to public.

… and now they are available for you here:

==> Visit Official Instant FX Profits Website


4th NEW Additional Bonuses for you:


[ Michael Bob’s Live Video, US$ 497.00 ]

Michael Bob is one of the top student in 2010 who made US$ 150,000 with US$ 750 capital. He only used Instant Pip strategy & Pip Maximizer strategy which Kishore M taught him. For the very 1st time in this live video, Michael Bob revealed *step-by-step* how he used these 2 strategies to make such a massive profit.

These are very powerful & instantly applicable bonuses that can quantum leap your forex profits. And it will NOT be offered again. Get them now before they are removed from the website:

Rob Trader – Forex Expert

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