In 2005 The Largest Pharmaceutical Merger: Dsm13 100 Million Gamble Chinese Medicine – Medicine, Dsm

In 2005 The Largest Pharmaceutical Merger: Dsm13 100 Million Gamble Chinese Medicine – Medicine, Dsm
Recently, the Netherlands Antibiotic Giant DSM Group, explicitly relying on 1.3 billion shares of China Pharmaceutical Group Listing Company, and Vitamin And anti-infective areas of joint venture. Concerning this multinational giants and domestic inter-industry leading pharmaceutical companies Integrate The achievements of the year Medicine The largest trade deal.

Has been cautious in the Chinese market ahead of the DSM pharmaceutical business Strategy Mutation is taking place.

DSM pharmaceutical production and technology transfer to China of dual, and Chinese medicine production cost advantages and Sell Network , DSM and Chinese medicine will seek to two major areas of vitamins and antibiotics, greater voice. Industry insiders, both sides will greatly impact on the domestic joint industrial pattern of antibiotics, and its domestic Cheong Hang Road “Indian goods” market impact.

DSM 1.3 billion gamble Chinese medicine
Present, the products of aging, Drug prices Decline and a strong Competition The rise of competitors and many other factors are to have fame in North China Pharmacy Into the market, the torment of frustrated.

Galaxy Securities analyst Liu Yanming according to the statistics, North China Pharmaceutical in 1998 and 1999 account for the pharmaceutical industry’s first market capitalization has now fallen to 25 outside. Recently, the North China Pharmaceutical publish notice of annual results, estimated full year results for 2005 losses.

However, vitamins and antibiotics, the eyes of industry giants DSM also has two core business of the North China Pharmaceutical there is still a potential to be the “meat and potatoes”, DSM is planning a bigger vitamins and antibiotics industry cluster.

DSM Chairman and Chief CEO Ai Fu Ding officially in September this year Visit Senior government officials in Hebei Province after the infiltration of Chinese medicine a comprehensive DSM program and the plate was finally thrown out. Related agreements clear: DSM shares of China Pharmaceutical Group, China Pharmaceutical Group owned company restructured from state-owned holding foreign Investment Company; DSM listed shares of China Pharmaceutical joint-stock companies; Chinese medicine shares with DSM in the field of vitamins and anti-infective form two new joint venture, DSM has a 49% stake respectively. DSM in China will total 164 million U.S. dollars in cash into medicine? Equivalent to 1.3 billion yuan? And in China’s three anti-infective portion of the joint venture shares, while its anti-infective vitamin and related business free license to use technology joint venture.

Negligence of the details of the two
Business executives shock transition always go hand in hand. While Chinese medicine up and down when excited, North China Pharmaceutical Group’s “II Figure “- North China Pharmaceutical Group General Manager Liu Shouwen but on Nov. 1 to submit his resignation to the Group.’s Information Centre to the North China Pharmaceutical Group, Zhao Zhong, deputy director of inquiries, Zhao explained to Liu’s resignation was due to” Health Reason, “Zhao said at the same time, Liu’s successor is in accordance with procedures. Liu’s resignation throws a big question mark, Liu Fang in to the management of DSM,” Teng seat? “Cho did not buy this speculation Can.

DSM cooperation with Chinese medicine, the outside world, intentionally or unintentionally overlooked two important details: DSM in China have been the three anti-infective portion of the joint venture equity transfer to the Chinese medicine and Otis Man will hold the number of shares of listed companies in North China Pharmaceutical, which will likely affect both the details of the agreement both sides to implement and promote the practice schedule.

Since 1995, DSM has set up three in the country of antibiotics enterprises DSM holding 51%, 50% and 37% of the shares. DSM sum of M & A head Hans clear in the interview, DSM plans to the existing shares of the three joint venture companies with Chinese medicine into the transaction. However, this industry can be integrated Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, Zhang Pharmaceutical Group to support these old partners, and Chinese medicine will be DSM landing challenge the agreement.

DSM Enterprises Spread A Ministry of staff told reporters that DSM will be 25 million U.S. dollars for North China Pharmaceutical 5% to 10% of the shares – and before, DSM and Chinese medicine have reached a DSM to 25 million North China Pharmaceutical dollar acquisition of 7.64% stake in the initial agreement. Equity ratio has not yet finalized the negotiations are still testing Skill And bargaining power.

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