How to Properly Shuck Clams

How to Properly Shuck Clams

Seafood is on the menu for dinner tonight, but there’s only one problem – you’re not exactly sure how to get those shells open. If you’re a novice at shucking clams, don’t worry. This guide explains step by step how to properly shuck clams to help make your dinner a success.

Before you begin, be sure that all of your clams are alive. You can test this by touching a part of the flesh between the shells. The clam should react and close the shell. If the clams are closed or do not react, they are likely dead and you should discard them. Once you have your live clams, clean them by brush scrubbing them under cold running water to get rid of any residual sand. You are now ready to begin shucking your clams.

Step #1: Use a paper towel to hold the clam shell with one hand, with the shell opening facing upward. In the other hand, hold your clam knife.

Step #2: Gently slide the knife blade between the shells towards the hinge, then twist the knife until you hear a cracking sound. Don’t try to force the blade into the clam and don’t use your fingers to try to pry open the clam. The clam may shut, catching your fingers.

Step #3: Once you have heard the crack, continue to twist the clam open. The top shell will separate from the bottom shell. While twisting, hold the clam steady so that the juice is preserved inside the shell.

Step #4: Cut the muscle out of the shell by running the knife along the edges where the muscle is still attached to the shell. When the muscle is completely detached, drop it into a bowl along with the juice. You can also strain the juice from the clams if you do not want to use it.

Step #5: Discard the shells. Your clams are ready!

While it may take a little practice, you will soon discover that shucking clams on your own is not nearly as hard as it may look. With this new found skill an entire array of new dishes and recipe opportunities are available to you. Enjoy!

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