How to Find Permanent Relief for Compulsive Eating

How to Find Permanent Relief for Compulsive Eating

Finding permanent relief for compulsive eating is a process that takes time, but is dependent on one crucial step: finding the cause. Only by fully understanding why the compulsive eating behavior takes place can we really start to fix it.

Emotions are the number one cause for emotional eating behavior. The most common reason for compulsive eating is to fill a need of some kind, often a need like intimacy that isn’t met elsewhere in our lives. It is the same for alcohol and drugs; we seek external pleasure from these things because they are lacking in our lives.

If you find that you struggle with compulsive eating or binge eating problems, you should take a step back and think about what is lacking in your life. Do you find that you have few close friends or people you can turn to for emotional support? It can be hard to share our feelings with others, but it is a necessary part of human life, and if this is not done, we will find some other way to fulfill that need, usually through alcohol, drugs, or food.

Inevitably, compulsive eating behavior is rooted in something psychological. No one says one day “I want to become a compulsive eater.” This type of compulsive or binge eating behavior is trigged by external things which are outside our control, like stress, lack of intimate relationships, or even boredom.

In order to overcome compulsive or binge eating struggles, consider what might have made you binge in the first place. What made you binge the first time? Why would you say that you need something outside, an external stimulus, like food or alcohol to solve an inner emotional need?  How can you fill this need in a more positive way?

Thinking about these things is important to fully finding compulsive eating help that will solve the problem forever.

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