Horse Race Betting Success – A Guide (Part 1)

Horse Race Betting Success – A Guide (Part 1)

It would be very unusual in any horse race to have a runner that nobody has had a bet on. For one reason or another there will be somebody who fancies each horse’s chance of being the winner. Each person will have made their selection based on some factor, whether it is the horses form, the jockey’s good looks or just the fact that they liked the colour of the horse.

Whatever the reason they will put money on their selection. Whether they win or lose, providing they have not gone silly they will have had a pleasant day at the races and gone home feeling relatively happy. This is what many race goers do day in and day out. However, if you want to make money from horse race betting you will need to adopt a systematic approach to finding winners.

Form can be an important indicator of horse’s chances but you can not just take it at face value. Just because a horse won its last race does not mean that it is a certainty to win its next. There are many other factors that have to be considered.

Most race horses are breed to be sprinters, middle distance or “stayers” (long distance runners). Sprinters run distances between 5 furlongs (around 600m) up to 7 furlongs (850 m). Middle distances are considered to be 1 Mile up to 2 miles and staying races are 2 Miles plus. Even within these divisions you can have horses that can run well at 5 furlongs but find 6 furlongs to far. So you have to check that the horse you fancy has form for the particular race distance.

Although not so important in All Weather racing where the going tends to be standard on the turf the going can affect a horse’s performance. Most race horses run well on good or good to firm ground but some are better on either very soft or very hard ground. This is especially true when the going gets very heavy and it is not unusual for a “mudlark” to win in these conditions even when they do not have the best form in the race.

In the UK you can find all the information you need about a horse form from the Racing Post web site at If you are serious about making money from horse racing in the UK you will need to either use their web site or get their daily printed newspaper which contains all the days racing information.

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