Horse Betting Software – how to get the perfect horse betting software

Horse Betting Software – how to get the perfect horse betting software

If you’re considering purchasing or downloading horse betting software it’s probably for one of two reasons.
You are a lazy.  Not meaning that end and an insulting sort of way but to be good at horse race betting it’s a skill which takes time to master.  Keep in mind that 95% of the people who engage in corresponding lose on a consistent basis.  The reason the 5% of winners are in the 5% bracket is they have spent the time to learn what they need to learn to be great at horse race betting.
No matter how hard you try you just can’t get a consistent strike rate that is satisfying


In order to be able to make an income of horse racing that is profitable a long-term basis you need a strike rate of at least 70%.

You see here is the main problem with doing horse race betting on your own.  Emotion.  The beauty of a horse betting software bot is that it is the emotionless. It makes decisions on horse races based upon pure information and intellect.  Getting your hands on a horse betting software program that can do this in a consistent and reliable enough manner that you can trust it to make money for you is a whole different ball of wax.

With the right horse betting software bot you turn horse betting not into betting but investing.  This is what that top 5% are doing their investing in horseracing. Not betting.  Here’s a perfect example of how the right horse betting software bot can work for you.

Let’s say you been doing horserace betting on your own during the day and you’ve been losing money.  It is often very tempting for the better to want to recover that day’s losses with one big bet.  A horse betting software program would never do something like this.

The biggest challenge with horse betting software is finding one that has the capability of being self-correcting or learn from its own mistakes improving as time goes on.

There is a brand new horse betting software program called perpetual-I which promises a 78% strike rate and is now the only horse betting software program that is actually betfair approved.  Using perpetual-I in a test perpetual I placed 738 horse race bets, 638 of them were wins.  You can see the XL spreadsheet screenshot of every one of the 738 bets.

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