Hide IP For Online Privacy

Hide IP For Online Privacy

Information technology has taken huge turns with the Internet providing us some of the major conveniences that we only dreamed of before its invention. The innovations by the world’s brightest minds have made it possible for us to build business and social networks in the comfort of our own computers. We have conquered some of our most difficult challenges by using information that is readily available to us through the web. Some of these information have been lifesaving and some have simply been for pleasure. In any way that the Internet serves us, we can only be grateful to the ones who made it possible.

However, there are people who will not let this technology escape abuse. In fact, they have been using it quite generously to advance their dubious interests. In simple terms, we know these people as hackers. Remember that anything and everything you do while surfing the Internet is traceable to your IP address. Thus, it follows that any hacker out there is very much capable of snatching vital information from your computer by following the trail you leave behind. This IP is saved on every web server log on all the websites you visit and even the emails that you send. If you’re using your real IP when doing all these Internet transactions, you will be putting in the open information about you that you would probably rather keep private.

Remember, even your geographical location can be determined just by looking at your IP address. It’s actually a bit threatening to know that while you thought you’ve been accessing certain sites in secret, they actually know you were there over and over. Somehow, it gives you that uncomfortable feeling of being tracked without you knowing. And it makes you doubt about online privacy and if it ever exists at all.

Actually, it can exist if you want it to. But you’ll have to make some very important steps yourself in order to protect your online identity. And the easiest way is to install a software that specially designed to address this type of problem. This software should mask IP address. When you surf with a mask on your IP, nobody knows it was you who was there. They would know there was someone at that particular time, but they would hardly know that it was you. That’s because with an IP masking software, you can use a different IP each time you surf. You can even change this value every minute so that each time you have a new page loading, you have a whole new identity formed as well.

Change IP with one of those IP changers and know how it feels to surf with your privacy intact.

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