Good Conversation Starters – 3 Very Important Tips With 1 Bonus Tip

Good Conversation Starters – 3 Very Important Tips With 1 Bonus Tip

Good conversation starters are commonly underrated. People turn to boring pick up lines, exhausted strategies, and their older brothers for help. The reason many novices turn to these sources is mainly because they’re younger boys trying to pick up women. As these younger ones begin to grow older and gain more knowledge, they soon realize that their human relations determine their employer, business, and ultimately their success.

Here is a list of 4 strategies to help you with your daily conversations and endeavors.

1. Smile! So Simple, Yet… So Powerful!

Before you even begin to open your mouth there needs to be a smile on it. Whether you’re in the mood to smile or not, a smile isn’t for you, it’s a gift for another person to receive and accept appreciation from you. It build’s the other person’s self esteem without you saying a word. Your smile can be the very thing that keeps a person from going over the edge. Additional information on this below.

2. Sincere Compliments

Compliments are another essential part of getting someone to admire you. People who sincerely compliment others on a daily basis remind the people in the world of how important they are. It keeps everyone’s good emotions high, and poisons at the bad emotions.

3. Let Them Talk

If you’re really stuck at finding any good conversation starters, numbers 1 and 2 should be enough to get the person talking. The reason for this is because people naturally enjoy talking and hearing about their self. If you compliment a pair of shoes, they may begin to tell you where they bought them. Once a person tells you 1 ounce of information on them, you want piggy back off everything they say to keep the conversation going. Whether your piggy back phrase is, “Really?” or, “Wow, how was that?” You want to keep coming back with questions. Since we naturally enjoy talking about ourselves, they’ll naturally enjoy talking to you because you embrace them to. The more they talk about their self to you, they become more interested in you.

I’ve used number 3 as my only method at times and sparked conversations for hours. In these conversations they would be speaking, while what I did for the majority of the conversation was nod my head.

Bonus Tip!

The bonus tip is for difficult people. You don’t want to ask the traditional questions such as, “How are you?” Typically people answer this question with a, “Fine, how are you?” This person just back fired a question you asked them to get them talking, pointing the spotlight back on you. These questions aren’t good conversation starters at all! You want the spotlight on them for the majority of the conversation so instead of asking them how they are, ask them how their week was. Ask them how’s their day been or if they have a busier day ahead. Think of every last who, what, when, where, and how question and ask it. Remember that 1 ounce of information is all you need to turn the spotlight back.

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