Fractional Volume Printing Forged Thousands Of Duijiang Total Of 40,000 Yuan Bonus For Six Months

Fractional Volume Printing Forged Thousands Of Duijiang Total Of 40,000 Yuan Bonus For Six Months

A forged face value, but more than 10 yuan Duijiang Quan, Lee is six months time, with a picture of fake lottery tickets to against the more than 40,000 yuan out of a total prize money, he may really have the patience to ah! Unfortunately, this spirit of no use in being on the road first.

Lee forged fake lotteries to trial

This is a special fraud, had worked at a technology company in the Lee of Jinan, Jinan, was accused of forging a brand wineries Duijiang Quan, fraud, more than 40,000 yuan in cash.

Court before we are at the operator, according to a false maximum face value of 20 yuan lottery operator, against a 4 million in prize money, Lee converted at least two thousand times. Half of the perpetrators of time, Lee was running almost every day a dozen times. This “dedicated” spiritual head, it makes “amazing.”

10 16, Licheng District People’s Court for a case, when the judicial police charge suspect Lee appearance, we only know that young man only 26 years old this year. Trial, the prosecution authorities for its alleged fraud prosecution. Lee

This is a “working report”?? From November 2008 to May 2009 period, together with Zhao Lee (at large) forged a certain brand of liquor Duijiang Quan Jinan, the frequently sneaked into Jinan Garden Road, Licheng District, two stores against the 4 million yuan in cash.

Trial, the judge asked Lee Dui Jiangquan come from? Quite frankly

Lee: “India is my own, are false.”.

The judge: ” Printing Equipment Is your own or find someone to Print Of? “

Lee: “I am printing different points, graded in print, some printed signs wineries, some printed bar code.”

The judge: “Why should we split the printing?”

Lee: “I’m afraid other people see it manufactured, sold, not to India.”

According to prosecutors charged Lee many times in six months time against the use of fake tickets more than 40 thousand yuan in cash, the plot caused the judge’s attention.

The judge: “You fake fake lottery tickets are much amount? Versus how much money is out?”

Lee: “the general level of real lottery is more than ten dollars, so I did not dare to print large amounts of fake certificates, India 8 yuan, 12 yuan, 20 yuan lottery three denominations.”

Judge: “According to material provided by the public security organ, every time you are near Garden Road, several stores Duijiang, frequently Duijiang, merchants had no doubt it?”

Lee: “I is to Hotels Attendant capacity to Duijiang because a lot of hotel staff to guests in the bottle will be collected when the lottery, an accumulation of several hundred dollars is only going Duijiang, shop owners generally do not doubt, especially with their royalty inside. “

Court trial, prosecutors have said the Lee case came to light because the store owner Lee at first advance money, the go wineries Duijiang be detected when the lottery are fake, but under the winery reflects the fake Lee Lottery bar codes and anti-counterfeit labels actually are true, the details of the cause of the judge’s attention.

The judge: “Lotteries are false, but bar codes and security identity is how did you get?”

Lee: “Well, I fully explain. I have a technology company in Jinan, worked at the company helped the security system of the lottery done wineries, during which I got a number of bar code and anti-counterfeit labels, so … … “

Lee Having said that, this from the madness of the lottery fraud gradually clear up the origin.

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