Eliminate Bed Bugs With Steam Machines

Eliminate Bed Bugs With Steam Machines
Bed bugs are hard to find and as much as difficult to remove and kill. These crawling insects are vulnerable to extreme heat and will instantly kill them. Vapor steam cleaners reach a temperature of over 240F that will eliminate bed bugs including their eggs. Steam cleaner produces temperatures of up to 378F that is much higher than the lethal temperature needed to eliminate bed bugs.

Using vapor steam cleaner will not only kill bed bugs instantly, but also help reduce the risk of mold because vapor steam cleaner produces dry steam with only 5 percent water content. And with the use of its wide variety of accessories will increase the killing of bed bugs efficiently.

How to eliminate bed bug?

The following steam cleaner accessories will be used for an effective elimination of bed bugs:

* Steam Lance — the powerful steam lance is use to expose areas to extreme heat in a form of jet that will effectively clean cracks such as baseboards, windowsills, around telephone jacks, door jams and bed.

* Triangular Brush — Using the triangular brush with a microfiber cloth clipped on is the most effective way to trap the scalding hot temperatures produced by the steam. Move the tool horizontally and vertically on top and around infested areas. This method not only eliminates bed bugs, but also deep cleans mattresses, sofas between cushions box springs and other fabric objects.

* Rectangular Brush — Use the rectangular brush in the same manner as the triangular brush did to kill bed bugs on larger surfaces such as rugs, carpets, floors, walls and ceilings.

There are many industrial and commercial strength steam products to tackle bed bug epidemic including the Jet Pro, Jetsteam Maxi, Tosca and Jetvac range. On Jetvac range, JetVac Pro is an ideal solution to the bed bug problem at 160+ dry steam with a tool which applies the steam evenly without blowing the bugs away rather vacuums them and their eggs.

Get rid of bed bugs using vapor steam cleaner, the chemical-free cleaning.

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