Depth Of: Home Appliances Giant Gamble Behind The Cctv Advertising

Depth Of: Home Appliances Giant Gamble Behind The Cctv Advertising

In this “burn-made card” deformity Marketing Times, the Chinese home appliance sales have actually reached the end of its rope stage? Why do a lot of home appliance industry in the CCTV Championship, huge Advertisement Expenditures for the appliance industry mean? No shortage of marketing talent in the industry, the brand is always so so hurt why? In the new media and traditional media brand communications which will appear on the home appliance industry features and trends? The overall development of China’s home appliance brand characteristics and trends is what?

An old man crying is not getting news, new laughter continuous “burn” times

2009 11 18, the bustling center of Beijing Mei in Asia ushered in its own annual best dressed and most extravagant feast of advertising. After rounds of competing, CCTV advertising the tender in 2010 recorded 109.6645 million total harvest, while last year the figure was 9.256 billion, this is the first time CCTV advertising total 10 billion yuan tender. Mengniu to 200 million yuan bid the most expensive single subject, special theatrical first half of the naming rights.

Reached the pinnacle in the marketing industry called the realm of the Chinese home appliance industry has “impressive performance”, the U.S. home appliance giant, and Geli scored in the first paragraph of the CCTV advertising gold. Midea to 52.01 million won high CCTV Spring Festival Evening timekeeping on, he 3201 Million and 37.2 million won gold advertising resources information network, with a total 121 million bid. The Gree be outdone, to 44.6 million yuan respectively, the third unit the second successful news network option, to 55.23 million yuan of economic information network winning an exclusive special to 34.2 million yuan winning News Broadcast fourth unit the second option, Geli successful outcome for the above three paid a total of 134 million. Microwave ovens Giant Galanz Group, winning the “news network” behind 3-4 units advertisement critical period, total spending nearly 150 million yuan. The CCTV tender, household appliances industry, winning a total of more than 80% last year, but we also see that in the fierce bidding site, Haier, Hisense , TCL, Changhong, Chi Higher domestic brands and Sharp, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung and other foreign brands have great action but rarely involved, really interesting.

Opened 16 years to participate in the CCTV Advertising King feast marked the brand list, there are many huge advertising costs to be dragged down even lead to destruction of blood and tears of business stories, especially the standard king previous winners. But now few people remember or are willing to bring these passions have been discharged name Mei to Asia – Dunhuang Grottoes dinner wine, Qin pool wine, love and more VCD … … especially in the home appliance industry, love more, backgammon, Panda, Amoi In the foot off the “standard king addiction”, the program has gradually silent. In this old man cry

becoming deaf, laughter is not among the new ad feast, how many scraps, but also the number of business legend was born, who will head to their fanatical pour bucket of cold water? Who better to warn or persuade them?

Advertising inside and outside of standard king and more virtual, self-inflicted mutilation

Companies spare no money in advertising costs compete for CCTV, the traditional thinking is some sugar daddy, profit maximization, on the one hand the status of resources and CCTV Monopoly Of management to highlight its unique charm; the other hand, the value of corporate brand value is the maximum transmission and high exposure; Also, consumers receive information of the patterns and habits are also highlighted between supply and demand.

Recently, many of my friends to show off to the author that they have made on November 18 in the CCTV advertising section of a certain gold standard king. In fact, I think we should regard the dialectic. A result, the advertising standard king and can not represent the so-called economic recovery or brand strength, on the contrary it reflects the brand’s internal and external and virtual and industry impetuous. Really good product, a sense of responsibility of the companies will not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Second, marked the biggest risk is not the king after the king of media, from the standard itself, because we understand about advertising for the protection, but from the new media – Other media is media, blind favoritism and blind worship of the strong resources, will inevitably lead to other media, “stalking”, I think the problem is and the risk is not from the ad itself, but from the news the wind. Third, advertising in decline, public relations has not changed the trend in the rise of Chinese companies still do not solely rely on advertising to build brand out of the swamp.

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