Competition Cases See-saw Battle Dandruff Shampoo – Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Shampoo –

Competition Cases See-saw Battle Dandruff Shampoo – Shampoo, Head & Shoulders Shampoo –
In the shampoo area, resonant with the H & S 2007 duel, is undoubtedly a “most intense, most vivid and most exciting” business war drama. Chhnang listed scrambling and Head & Shoulders should calm, the two international giants of the competition, provides us with one of the most valuable marketing case study??

From Japan became the world’s moment of giant, Procter & Gamble, Unilever has become deep-seated pain.

Years, Procter & Gamble and Unilever in the battle of shampoo, whether or market share, brand influence, P & G are in a dominant position. Especially in the “cake is the greatest” dandruff shampoo market, Unilever is still not a strong enough brands to compete with P & G’s Head & Shoulders. Apparent asymmetry of the situation

stimulated giant long-suppressed ambition, is making determined efforts, the 2007, Unilever had to adjust tactics, began to launch its “Decade of grinding sword” professional dandruff brand?? Chhnang . Need to explain is that this devaluation of the brand in the Chinese market had been popular in Southeast Asia for nearly 10 years, resonant debut from Unilever since carrying the turnaround in market expectations.

An atmosphere of Revenge for the win this “war”, Unilever has been prepared for too long.

2003 to 2006, Unilever secretly organized more than 200 field market research. Early research often international brands necessary homework before listing, they often identified through the research results of the brand positioning. However, the findings having first found a hidden but have not declared a “secret”?? Shampoo actually buy the highest frequency of the young group, not adult or middle-aged crowd.

And Head & Shoulders has been promoting this view of the contrary. Prior to H & S survey concluded that: “There is dandruff needs of users are mostly adults, usually because the dandruff of the impact of their professional and personal image, resulting in purchase demand.” Based on this, H & S from the listing on the orientation to adult consumers. After entering China in 1988, Head & Shoulders ad began patiently preached, “dandruff go without leaving a trace, hair even more outstanding,” suggesting that lets consumers better, more successful.

However, when the shift changed, the reality imperceptibly. Expansion of consumer groups, consumer attitudes change, Do not you see, today’s children after the age of 12 began daily use of adult hair cleansing shampoo, and dandruff shampoo as a function of the broadest appeal, had not the adult’s patent.

? With such a “breakthrough”, resonant determined to go the wrong sword front, they are determined to shape the product as “Young people prefer a more personal and more advocates,” the image, emphasizing professionalism of the brand, ” stylish and professional. “

This image, positioning achieved with H & S segment, while diametrically opposed. As new, to this effect is.

Around “fashion and professional” product positioning, Unilever began to Chhnang affix various labels. Functional demands in order to avoid entanglement with the Head & Shoulders, resonant boldly introduced the concept of men shampoo, hair science, men and women tell the best out of other ideas; in price, higher than Head & Shoulders 2 to 3 per unit price, so that rapidly enhance the brand grade; in the product image, resonant tone to cold mainly black, and black packaging for the “refusal of white dandruff-free standard color chips,” the inherent impact on consumers of traditional aesthetic; brand ambassador on They hired the super-popular host of Taiwan small S, small S sharp words, individuation, stylish and bold, just happens to coincide with the resonant personality.

2007 year, the air was filled with explosive gunpowder, tense and suffocation. But before the war and watched the Head & change seems deadpan, P & G also appears relevant to the conversation was clear Delicate: “The new brand’s biggest market, the new weapons and new represents a fresh, new, personality; However, we believe that H & 20-year reputation built up, cultivated a strong customer loyalty and brand trust, irreplaceable … … ”

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