College ? Most Precious Days Of Life

College ? Most Precious Days Of Life

While playing video games we often come across the Bonus stage, through which we not only benefit but cherish it the most in that game. Such a level encounters our real life in the form of College, the most glorifying period of your life, it involves trivial discipline of high school & almost no fret of gruesome responsibilities, but it certainly involves fun, friends, enthusiasm, passion & of course learning. Starter for ten, super bad, van wilder, cayote ugly are some of the movies which vaguely sketches the college life but the real part is far more interesting. This phase of your life is truly yours & all about your individuality. According to me, it is where a person enhances his personality, lives his dream, enjoys his freedom & makes some unforgettable memories. College is far more different from high school. Here you make new friends, new assignments’, adjustments with the roommate, dating, etc. Experience makes you perfect learner & it’s true during college days you will be a perfect learner through ups & down experience in your life.

Entering the college campus for the first time may send some jitters down your stomach but remember it is just the dawn of an exciting phase ahead a. in fact explore the college campus, unearth the heart of all gang-ho activities in the college – The Canteen (as it eventually turns out to be your favorite place to hang out) know the college in & out. Here you will find different lingo, breed, in fact a total different liveliness in the air from outside world. On campus the mixture of students would never cease to amuse you, some with fashionable clothes & flashy stuff, while some with plain attire & huge spectral glass on them, some with decent clothes, while some just walk with out of bed clothes .Once you start flowing with the tempo try not to get manipulated by others.Be yourself. Each one out there has their own talents to explore & weaknesses to overcome and so you just have to keep learning & make some livid memories of your own.

Once you start with your journey you come across diverse personalities from extra polite to big-headed, from orator to tormentor, from business leader to a social worker & the list goes on, thus, evolving the gang system, be it the geeks gang, the athletic gang, the be-boying gang or the fashionist gang, it is here that you see them all. Don’t worry you ultimately find your feather color friends too. Not a day passes without any activity; college is always bustling with innumerable activities like project, field work, festival, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, & last but not the least exams. Spending time with your friends & teachers makes them a part of your life. This feeling turn s out to be in relationship, some for permanent, long lasting, some just for fun & even heartbroken. This is a part & parcel of college life.

The college spirits is on it all time high during festivals & inter college competitions. Nothing ever replaces the excitement & fun you have during those days. You don’t realize how quickly this splendid journey comes to an end & all you realize is learning wasn’t so easy ever before.

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