Cardio Exercise Machines With Low Impact

Cardio Exercise Machines With Low Impact
With a little low impact machine, cardio exercise at home can be performed in a healthy way, in the privacy of the own home and independent of any weather conditions. For almost every home and every budget, the right cardio exercise machines can be found. Let us have a closer look at low impact cardio exercise machines.

The classic low impact cardio exercise machines are home exercise bikes. Home bikers can choose between upright, recumbent and dual action bikes. All are easy to use and effective. Besides an excellent cardio training, they work the leg muscles, glutes and hip flexors. Upright home exercise bikes are compact and do not need much space, some are foldable for better storage. Sitting on a comfortable seat with backrest and legs stretched forward, that is the basic position for training on recumbent exercise bikes. Dual action exercise bikes do not have normal handlebars. They have movable vertical handrails for a cross training. Using a dual action indoor exercise bike provides a full body workout besides the cardio training.

Home rowing machines are another classic but less popular machine for a low impact cardio workout. Experts say rowing machines are the best for a combined cardio and muscle building workout. Back, shoulders, biceps, quads and more get worked during the rowing exercises. Rowing machines need a little more space than bikes.

Ellipticals, also called cross trainers, provide a very effective dual action workout. The feet stay on foot pedals and the legs work in a sliding motion which lowers the impact almost totally. The hands on moving hand rails let the arms work in the other direction. Ellipticals can be used forward or reverse. The cross training gives a full body workout besides the cardio training.

Treadclimbers are special cardio exercise machines. They work in three different ways. Two parallel but independent working moving belts can be used like a treadmill, like a climber, and also like an elliptical without the cross training. The complex technology provides natural movement with very low impact. Treadclimbers seem to be extraordinary effective in weight loss programs.

All kind of cardio exercise machines are available in a wide range of more or less affordable prices. There are well working home exercise bikes for around 100 Dollars and there are others for thousands of Dollars. Useful home ellipticals start with less than 150 Dollars. The rowing machine which is preferred by Olympic athletes and other members of elite teams for their training is on the market for 900 Dollars. Everybody can find low impact cardio exercise machines for the personal budget. About 20 to 30 minutes of regular cardio exercise at home improves the health immensely and helps to stay fit even in a certain age.

Muscle training and cardio exercise at home help to stay fit. New pages of contain information on top ellipticals and other low impact cardio exercise machines.

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