BSNL MTNL Reliance And Bharti All Betting On IPTV

BSNL MTNL Reliance And Bharti All Betting On IPTV

IPTV services are widely perceived as potentially lucrative revenue generators. BSNL and MTNL, the state owned telecom operators in India have been announcing great plans for rolling out IPTV services. In a bid to take equal advantage of the emerging market for IPTV, Reliance, Bharti Telecom and other private players have also hopped onto the IPTV bandwagon.

Despite all the positive noises, there are a host of stumbling blocks that Telecom sector in India must overcome before it can it can become IPTV can become a reality. India has merely 1.8 million broadband connections; this is almost half of the government-envisaged figure, largely due to considerably high rates.

Broadband connections allows 128kpbs-snort for a cost of $ 5-$ 6 a month. Even though such connections are really cheap, they allow data transfers of only 200 to 250 megabytes. And if the users exceed that limit, they need to pay by megabytes.

RNCOS’ recent report “Indian Telecom Sector Analysis (2006-2007)”, asserts that the emerging boom in the broadband space can lead to the popularity of Internet Protocol Television.

Market players such as BSNL, Reliance Infocomm, Bharti Tele-ventures and VSNL provide services to more than a million Broadband users. With investments made by the government and the private sector to revamp fixed and Mobile Telephone Services and infrastructure even in the rural areas, the future prospects of IPTV in India looks bright. Bharti, Reliance Infocomm, and BSNL have already made public their plans to launch IPTV by end of 2006.

The research report also addresses the issues and facts that are critical to business success:

§ The emerging trends in the Telecom sector in India.

§ The future prospects of the Telecom market in India.

§ The Key players in the Telecom Market in India.

§ The challenges faced by the Telecom sector in India.

§ The economic factors affecting the performance of the Telecom market.

§ The emerging technologies in the Telecom Sector.

RNCOS’ report, “Indian Telecom Sector Analysis (2006-2007)”, provides extensive research and objective analysis of the Telecom Sector in India.

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