Battleship – Search & Destroy lets you play master and commander

Battleship – Search & Destroy lets you play master and commander

Command the fleet

Ever fancied being in charge of a fleet of warships, heading out to do battle on the high seas? Now’s your chance with the tense Battleship – Search & Destroy online slots epic. Based on the widely popular board game, Battleship puts you right in the heart of the skirmish with a flotilla of submarines, frigates, aircraft carriers and destroyers.

From just one of the 25 paylines, you could land a massive 25,000 credit payout playing across five Battleship reels. As well as card symbols riveted like the side of a warship, the reels feature glistening graphics for the ship images, not to mention those crucial bonus symbols.

Battleship – Search & Destroy offers not one but two amazing bonus games, set off if you get a trio of bonus symbols on a played line. One of the two bonus rounds – Winning Encounter or Sink the Fleet – will be on offer should you attain this.

Bonus Bonanza

The classic Battleship strategy game is resurrected in the Sink the Fleet Bonus. You will be presented with a grid of the sea and you must bomb a square at a time, staking out the enemy. But be careful because they will be doing the same to you in this exciting ship-versus-ship shoot-out, with the chance of winning 16,100 credits!

The Winning Encounter Bonus takes you to a screen of bonus reels where yet again you do battle with your enemy. Spin those reels and keep a lookout for the red and blue torpedoes – should you see a blue one, you’ve scored a hit on the enemy, but if it’s a red one, you’ve been sunk! Keep playing until someone has sunk the others’ ships, or you arraign 100 spins, picking up bonuses all the way.

Battleship – Search & Destroy is a big and bombastic Kerching Game of the Week!

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