All Eyes on New York Giants for 2008 NFL Sports Betting Season

All Eyes on New York Giants for 2008 NFL Sports Betting Season

After their recent Super Bowl victory the New York Giants can’t be doing much better – so will they be facing their demise this year?

These world champs put a stop to New England last season and are exceptionally notable for their 10 game on the road winning streak. The team is also known for their amazing pass rushers last season. But again, this is all behind us and in the past. What does this team have coming up in their future?

Shall we face the music? The Giants are the worst team in the NFC East, according to the lines and odd’s from the Olympic bookmakers. Currently they are showing Dallas as the favorite at -$ 1.85 then Philly at +$ 3.25 followed by Washington at +$ 4.25 and finally the Giants at +$ 4.45.

According to Olympic is concerned the Giants odds stand at higher than 22-1. Station Casino is reporting the Detroit Lions at 17-1 Super Bowl odds. It will be interesting to see how this prediction comes back on Station Casino.

Based on the aforementioned odds, things are not looking good for the Giants in 2008. Let’s see what other problems the Giants are facing this season.

Michael Strahan retired earlier than he needed to resulting in the Giants loosing one of their key players. We can’t forget that the Giants star tight end Jeremy Shockey got traded off. Not to mention that after the win many players on the team had a huge ego boost and dedicated more time to celebrating and partying – as opposed to focusing on how to maintain their title.

In addition to all of this hoopla, many other key players had problems with contract negotiations and that could result in the team taking an even harder hit. When asked to comment on the teams current situation, Giants team coach Tom Coughlin made reference to numerous members of the team lacking focus and as a result of that, being out of shape.

Can history repeat itself? Looking back to when the Giants won the Super Bowl in 1987 and 1991, and the NFC champs in 2001, they could not even manage to make the playoffs the following seasons. In fact, these clubs managed to be a combined 21-26. So will the Giants pattern of ups and downs continue? Looking back at last season the Giants biggest accomplishment was when they LOST to New England 38-35. Luckily, they managed to get their act together for post-season. Looking back on the regular season for the Giants we see that 10 teams had equal, if not better records. For example, Dallas beat New York twice and in total they won by a combined 21 points. Green Bay even managed to defeat the Giants by 22 points while on the road. Yet, with this record they pulled through and managed to make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

GTLT Sports Handicapping Service ended their season with a 68% win record. Winning 102 NFL sports picks and only losing 45.

Most people look back at Eli Manning’s relaxed and collected form of play during the NFC championship and the Super Bowl. Everyone seemed to forget about his embarrassing seven completion and two-interception performance at Buffalo only two weeks prior to the playoffs. But now Manning was showing that he was able to win bigger games. All of this inconsistency is most likely the reason that he’s the number three quarterback in his division, as opposed to first or second. But is his performance just reflective of the Giants own inconsistency?

Looking at other issues the Giants face we see that Brandon Jacobs is considered injury prone, not to mention Ahmed Bradshaw having legal issues. Plus, other than Plaxico Burress, there aren’t many receiving threats to be too worried about.

The Giants maintain a strong offense but once Strahan retires everyone is speculating if their defense will slip. He was noted for being one of the greatest two-way defensive ends. He was also an outstanding pass rusher and run-stuffer. New York’s secondary is nothing to write home about.

What more? The team’s players don’t care much for coach Coughlin. This could lead to a media instigated meltdown on the team.

When the Giants come out of their bye in week 5 they are facing a long hard stretch including games against Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Philadelphia. If they don’t manage to survive that six week span of games after the bye things can only go from bad to worse.

Quick look at how the Giants will do as far as fantasy sports. Well, Eli Manning is most likely extremely overrated because of his recent Super Bowl victory. He really isn’t one to chase after for your fantasy team.

How about Brandon Jacobs? Because of his all-too-often tendency to get hurt he didn’t even manage to make the top 15 running backs. Not to mention Couglin not giving Jacobs any goal line carries. In fact Jacobs only managed to score four rushing touchdowns last season.

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