Acai Berries the Online Placebo

Acai Berries the Online Placebo

The Internet is filled with advertisements on the newest product acai berries. These berries are so miraculous they will slim you, give you healthy cholesterol levels and cure you of cancer. While acai berries may have some health benefits, are people being sold a dream and not a true product?  Is it possible the demand for these berries is beyond the ability to produce the record amounts required for consumption, so other practices take place that provide for people acai products that do not contain pure acai berries but also have removed the health benefits of the berry using these production methods? What if you are buying an advertised product without enough testing and regulation to ensure you are receiving true acai berries and not a small portion of the berry mixed with a lot of fillers, flavors and plain water?

Well, this scenario is real and some manufacturers of acai berry products as they rush to make profits off your quest for good health. Acai berry diluted from concentrate, unless freeze-dried, has lost many of the properties for good health. Add to this mixture the use of preservatives such as sodium benzoate/benzoic acid and the overall quality continues to disintegrate. Unless acai berry juice is cold bottled, this acid appears and destroys the benefits of the berry.

Acai fruit contain anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are antioxidant flavonoids that protect many of the body’s systems. Acai berries are rich in these anthocyanins, but if the acai berry is not processed correctly, eating other produce such as cabbage or blackberries will have a greater benefit to the body than an entire bottle of acai berry juice.  Acai berries may have excellent health benefits, but unless you are have written documentation about a company’s  product content and manufacturing methods, you may be receiving an acai berry placebo because you have lost all the natural benefits of the product. Remember, a healthy diet and exercise are needed with acai fruits in their natural form to keep a body healthy. One item does not have extensive nutrients necessary for good health.

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